Case Study

AR Treasure

How did the conference organizer activate participants with
Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt app?

AR Treasure Hunt Solution for SenZations

About the Client

The 10th SenZations 2015 Summer School was organized by DunavNET and Business School PAR, Rijeka in collaboration and with support of  the Microsoft (Serbia), University North (Croatia), Politechnic of Rijeka (Croatia).

Client’s Challenge encourage engagement and networking among participants working in M2M and Internet of Things domain create extra value for visitors in their free time: to learn about the sights of Belgrade thanks to technology reach and find the location in a completely new part of the city where they have the evening meal 

Organizers of the Summer School Sensations wanted to try out interactive and original sightseeing as they gathered at the Sensations Summer School reunion in Belgrade in the spring of 2016.  

Although the summer school mentors from academia, business and policy sector provided exquisite know-how and new business opportunities were seized, the organizers wanted to avoid a typical sightseeing throughout the city of Belgrade, while instead people could access this scavenger app and enjoy the gathering opportunity. 

About Solution

The client assisted in the creation process of Scavenger Hunt, from suggesting the kinds of questions, to Belgrade locations which were familiar to visitors and which they also needed to visit.  

Therefore, the starting point in the game was the Hotel where they were accommodated. At the hotel entrance they had the AR marker with game instructions and next steps. Afterwards clues provided by Treasure hunt led them to specific locations. When participants found the exact place, GPS technology enabled triggering (unlocking) the next clue. 

When we created Treasure Hunt app, we were completely aware that there should be help included. The help to solve the clue includes 3 HINTS per question.  

From the hotel they moved to The National Assembly of The Republic of Serbia and other remarkable landmarks all the way to crossing the bridges of Belgrade on foot and on the bus so as to end up in a gorgeous restaurant in the part of the city called Zemun for the evening, celebrating the victory of the team that arrived first.

Because of the navigation through sightseeing visitors from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life connected, while they spent two enjoyable hours and walked through three different routes. Right there at the restaurant they shared their impressions about scavenger hunt entertainment, which only meant that the post-game fun can continue. 

In Summary 

The concept of the app is always the same: gather a team, challenge them with themed questions, guide them through a location, some business process or a brand campaign and finally award winners with predefined prizes, incentives, vouchers or discounts. What changes every time and where the beauty of Treasure Hunt lies is the opportunity to make it customized and unique for the client, answering those particular needs and delivering results with both data as well as creative thinking and empathy.  

It is important to remember that the quality content and understanding players’ behavior trumps over complicated technical solutions. The game becomes interesting when there is a story behind the questions, as well as when there are various kinds of tasks: be that trivia, did-you-know questions, fill-in-the-gaps or multiple choice questions as well as “take a photo” or “go to this location” tasks. Our Treasure Hunt has all of these options. 

Key Technology Needed

Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt application works on all types of smartphones or tablets (iOS or Android) that have GPS.  

Key Benefits for the Client

The most obvious benefit for the client is the level of excitement Treasure Hunt participants feel when they are exposed to a new approach for sightseeing: they get curious, energized and want to be associated with the organizer of Treasure Hunt again and again, both in formal projects and deepening their friendship bonds. 

Unlike scavenger hunt solutions of our competitors we use the potential of Augmented Reality to hunt and solve clues.  

Therefore, Treasure Hunt is one of the most elegant gamification solutions that can be successfully used at team buildings, corporate events, educational and vocational trainings and informal gatherings.