What are features of a good marker?

The marker should:

  • have rich details
  • good contrast
  • be rigid, not flexible; with matte, but no gloss

The marker should NOT:

  • have large portion of blank area
  • contain mainly texts or texts only
  • only contain graphics that look the same in any orientation, such as the shape of a circle
  • only contain graphics with repetitive patterns

Marker format

  • Must be in PNG or JPG formats
  • Must be less than 2 MB in size

Marker physical size

  • The recommended size varies based on the actual target rating and the distance to the physical image target
  • A physical printed marker should be at least 3 cm in width and of reasonable height for a good Augmented Reality experience
  • Consider increasing the size of your marker if the distance of the marker is higher
  • You can estimate the minimum size that your marker should have by dividing your camera-to-marker distance by approximately 10

For instance, a 20 cm wide marker would be detectable up to a distance of about 2 meters (20 cm x 10). Note, however, that this is just a rough indication and the actual working distance/size ratio can vary based on lighting conditions, camera focus, and marker rating.