What are key 3D Models specifications?

  • Up to 100,000 triangles per scene under one camera view

NOTE: Consider what you’re making and how much screen space it will take up - you won’t need 10,000 triangles and a 1024 square texture for an object that may only be 3cm high on an iPad screen.


  • The use of smaller textures are recommended where appropriate

  • Diffuse and normal maps are recommended

  • Displacement maps are NOT supported

  • Alpha on solid objects is not recommended and is better suited to planes.

  • Material names should contain the object names that are affiliated to it.

  • Everything must be converted to editable polys and with all the modifiers collapsed unless it is going to be rigged, in which case only the skinning modifier and morpher (if used) would remain

  • Individual texture maps (.png format) have to be the power of 2 textures:

    • 64x64

    • 128x128

    • 256x256

    • 512x512

    • 1024x1024

    • no bigger than 1024x1024

  • No procedural shaders, nodes or textures: all the textures have to be baked to bitmaps or use standard shader with color value.

  • Combine objects with the same material so that it runs faster on the device, while multi sub shaders are not supported and there is no more than one shader per object.


  • Bone names must not contain spaces, brackets or special characters – replace spaces with underscores if needed

  • The export rig should contain a maximum of 100 bones to optimize playback – the performance hit comes largely from skinning

  • It is advisable to name all bones properly

  • Objects cannot be linked/parented to non-export objects – constraints are ok

  • Do not scale anything

  • Make sure every vertex has a skinning weight


  • No animated materials/material parameters

  • Scaling is correctly supported in animation

  • No animated light color

  • All animation transforms are supported (Translate, Rotate and Scale)

  • Animated groups of objects are not supported

Preparing the scene for export

It is not necessary to export all objects within your 3D scene, things such as controllers/animation handles should not be exported unless desired. You should export:

  • Geometry

  • Lights

  • Any bones/joints which deform geometry