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This year AWE (Augmented World Expo) inspired thousands of AR/VR leaders, developers, journalists, visitors, and change-makers. Like watching the best series in the world, ARVRtech team gets into the comfy chair and sets quiet time aside to binge watch some of 200 extraordinary videos that are available on AWE YouTube channel.

We would also like to share behind-the-scenes insights of our founder Boris Pokric who has experienced AWE from the angle of AR/VR businessman, speaker, exhibitor, and visitor.

ARVRtech: Hello Boris, tell us about your impressions as an exhibitor and speaker at AWE. What messages and achievements were most important for your company to share with global AR/VR audience?

Boris: We have witnessed great expansion of the AR/VR technology in the last year. It is apparent that interest in the AR/VR technology increases and it starts to focus on solving real problems in different verticals. Manufacturing, Marketing, Medicine, and Real Estate are THE VR and AR INDUSTRIES where decision-makers see that once they use VR and AR solutions, they will be able to simplify their business process, improve the quality of their product, save money and get competitive edge.

Another emerging trend is that AR/VR giants and Fortune 500 companies want to include AR/VR in their business model. Our company ARVRtech attracted a lot of interest with wide portfolio of products (ImmersiveM and MRgenie) as well as custom development services that cover all aspects of AR/VR systems.

These aspects of AR and VR systems include content creation, backend cloud support, development, integration of advanced features such as AI, ML and eCommerce. What we are especially proud of is that they are supporting all HW available on the market such as HoloLens, HTC Vive, Google Tango and others.

ARVRtech: What about marketing? Where do you see the greatest space for application of AR/VR?

Boris: The greatest space to apply AR and VR is in creating products and services that give a better answer to the challenges of marketing companies and all marketing clients. With this aim our company develops ImmersiveM platform, which provides a tool for fast creation of AR/VR-based campaigns that leverage already existing marketing methods

Our experience has shown that AR and VR content greatly increase the chance of conversion as it keeps the user engaged for a longer period of time. Sometimes this conversion is to buy a certain product, visit particular event, adopt the new, more useful habit or go with another call to action.

Generally speaking, AR and VR technology capture customer’s attention more than conventional marketing media which then improves the quality of campaign.

ARVRtech: How is global expansion for ARVRtech going on? What are your milestones for 2018 and beyond? Do you want to continue collaboration with AWE and other partners you met there?

Boris: In terms of ARVRtech global expansion, our clients, partners and vendors understand how AR and VR technology works and what benefits it can bring to them. Therefore, we are always open to branch out to partners who are similar to AWE audience: they adopt new technologies and understand how tech enhances human experience and business.

Recently we have opened UK office and we are planning to expand to the USA with the office in San Francisco and possibly one more office will be created in Amsterdam.

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