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The more conscious we are about our daily actions, the influence of technology on our long-term success and the benefits of constant improvement, the quote of Charles R. Swindoll is relevant for us, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

When you are lucky to work with the latest solutions and at the frontier of innovation with early adopters, you get to implement such a motto every day. Your daily actions, your attitude towards learning, your approach to clients, your leading of teams, all those reactions of yours count in the final score called successful and happy life.

It has been a huge journey for our company because over the last several years we have created so many solutions and we have learned so much from our clients, from our teammates and from our vendors.

Let us remind ourselves of what we did so far:


In 2016 our company harnessed the potential of Augmented Reality in Tourism and Event Management as we did several apps for museums, art galleries and festivals. AR enthusiasts engage with AR content only when it provides extra value for them such as getting more information about ar masterpieces, connecting with other users and getting real benefits from brands which may advertise their service on VR content without selling them short.

One of the most notable projects was the Just Out Manasija app where Homepage marketing agency was our promotion partner. This event targeted thousands of visitors, during a medieval knighthood festival, located around monastery Manasija complex.

AR Treasure Hunt app can be used in retail, marketing, at numerous corporate events and team buildings because people could test their knowledge, have fun, win prizes and engage with diverse brands.


Our MRgenie platform is moving beyond its first version with AR and VR templates. In 2017 we are planning to integrate the next version of MRgenie with marketing analytics.

MRgenie was conceptualized as a user-friendly cloud-based platform which enables rapid and simple creation and deployment of AR and VR apps.

Now in MRgenie 2.0 version, users will continue to use drag and drop concept without programming skills, yet marketing analytics will add more value for clients who can follow metrics that matter.


During fairs and interactions with new clients our VR Games caused raving interest. Our most popular VR games are Archery, Ski-jump, and Steer Beer that immerse players in real-life environment, plus each person can compete with the rest of the group for the highest scoreboard.

And let’s not forget other important milestones:

We created Entropy Project – 3D Building Model with IoT sensor data, AR Photo Entropy App; we became active on ARVRtech website, and started more avid digital marketing efforts on our blog with over 30 texts, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence.

Slowly but surely healthcare is getting disrupted with AR and VR and in one of our projects we created 3D models of human body that can be useful in medical education and improving doctor check-ups. On the basis of previous feedback, we expect that more clients will require our AR/VR expertise for healthcare purposes.

Moreover, our services have been presented together with Homepage marketing agency at Technology for Marketing Event in London in September 2016.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to collaborate and create together, as well as for all your engagement online and throughout project iterations.

What you can expect from us in 2017 is further international expansion and cooperation with VR centres and HQs world-wide. Also, we will continue to invest in intellectual property and creation of original, customized solutions and professional services since we have gone a long way from outsourcing and many of our clients have benefited immensely from our business consultancy and developer expertise.

2017 will be the best year for VR and AR so far, as well as for all agile and innovative teams that are focused on creating massive value for their prospects, employees, vendors and community.

Stay tuned because the best is yet to come!

Your ARVRtech team

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