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Today ARVRtech has a special treat for you: the interview with Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute whom we met at Technology for Marketing event in London. He delivered a masterclass called 6 Steps to Content Marketing Success so watch his presentation to get excellent insights.

Not only is Joe a content and smiling chap who proudly wears orange accessories, symbolizing the colours of CMI, but he is also a powerhouse of Content Marketing Institute, the leading education and training organization for content marketing world-wide.

Our colleague Milena Milicevic interviewed Joe, the winner of the 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Content Council and it turned out that with Joe it is the same case as with other world-class experts: they are shrewd, approachable and resourceful.

Milena Milicevic: Hello Joe! Thanks for taking the time to inspire ARVRtech audience.

What would be three major trends that you would advise fellow content marketers to pay attention to? You spoke earlier at TFM about a clear focus and diversifying after.

Joe Pulizzi: The first thing is get a strategy. The majority of marketers out there are so in a hurry to create content that they are not documenting a strategy. Who is the audience? What is the overall behavior change we want to see? How are we going to show success for those things? Those things are really critical.

The other thing is we got to figure out what is our differentiating story; we call that the content tilt. Are we creating content just like everybody else in the industry or is it actually different? So we want to figure out what that is and spend some time on it before creating content and figuring out what that is going to be?

And the third thing is: instead of just sending your content all over the place what we found is a successful formula is one content type: is it audio, video, textual, plus image on one content platform that is delivered consistently over time before you diversify.

So, build a loyal audience, mostly email subscribers are really important and leverage social media when you can. You do not have to be everywhere your customers are around that is a misgiving a lot of marketers have. You do not have to publish everywhere, you just have to publish in the right places.

Milena Milicevic: There are so many social media channels available and what would you advise new brands to start with? What can be one channel, email?

Joe Pulizzi: Email is critical. If you can use email, you should definitely look at that. What I would do is go through all the channels that are possible whether it is Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, then choose the ones that make sense and you actually have a reason to be there and get on with them. So instead of dabbling into, let’s say six to seven or eight channels, be really good at two. That is ok. Maybe use the other ones as customer service channels and make more sense with that.

We are now at that point of content marketing where we want to be smart with the channels we are on and we want to pick carefully. We all have so many resources, so use them wisely.

Milena Milicevic: What is your attitude about Augmented and Virtual Reality? In which parts of a consumer journey and marketing experience could they be used?

Joe Pulizzi: I think the implications and possibilities of Virtual Reality are amazing. If you just see in gaming what it is doing and different environments that you can be on. Obviously, we are still early stages. I would say, if you are a marketer today that is something you definitely want to have a look at and say, ‘‘What is going to be the application, what makes the most sense.’’

Or if you are a really smart marketer, you want to see whether it is machine learning, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and it is your responsibility to look at these areas to see where it makes sense. So, I would at least put it on my list and say, ‘‘This may be something down the road that is important for us, there may be an application for us, and that is our responsibility to look at.’’

Milena Milicevic: Should these new technologies be part of social media strategy and social media budgets or should they have separate roles?

Joe Pulizzi: I think it depends. I think it is going to be different in every company. Every company will set it up a little bit differently. The money and the budgets all come from different areas, whether it is social media, whether it is content, communications, PR whatever makes the most sense.

I think if we just focus on who is the audience we are trying to target, what do we really want them to do, and then we can start to look at all different technologies that is available. Do not look at technology first, look what is the problem that we need solving and then how we are solving it.

Milena Milicevic: How do you stay on top of industry information throughout the day? Which blogs and websites do you read regularly? Do you travel a lot?

Joe Pulizzi: I travel a lot and I am all over from the traditional stuff Guardian, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal to obviously Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs, and a number of other sites. I love Seth Godin. We have a weekly podcast called This Ol’ Marketing so I have to look at what the news of the week is every week. That is why, that is one of the reasons why we do podcasts; we have to keep up on the latest news and it kinda forces us to do that.

Milena Milicevic: What can we expect from you and Content Marketing Institute over next 6 months when it comes to events and publications?

Joe Pulizzi: We have our online training that is all-year round. We focus on the practice of content marketing at Content Marketing Institute. You get an online training, it opens four times a year every semester. We have two big events: Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas that is all about content strategy for enterprise marketers, we focused in March 2017 on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning this year and then The Content Marketing World which is the greatest content marketing event in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 5-8. And we are open for bigger and better because there is so much education and training that needs to happen in the area right now.

Milena Milicevic: Thank you very much!

Joe Pulizzi: Thank you!

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