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ARVRtech collaborated with the Museum of Vojvodina on a project about the greatest archeological exhibition in Vojvodina over the course of a last half of the century, dealing with the archaeological remains in Curug.

The exhibition was opened on the evening of 30 January, 2018 thanks of the courtesy of two remarkable experts in the field of museology, art and history from the Russian Federation and Serbia respectively.

Mr Aleksej Gendjevich Furasjev, the archeologist from The State Hermitage Museum in Sankt Petersburg addressed the audience, while Mr Stanko Trifunović, the author of the exhibition is the museum host and council, archeologist by his vocation.

The ancient world and lives of our ancestors from previous centuries are more vivid thanks to the latest and finest technology such as animation, 3D models, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The main idea of the exhibition is that the visitors experience the everyday life of our ancestors from days bygone to the finest detail. As if embarking on time machine, the museum guest observes all the major events from an Iron Age until the end of the Ottoman regime.

What is more, Curug’s artifacts reveal how the science and culture are connected with tourism and economy, as in developed societies of our time and place.

The application called Simeon Zoric is based on AR and it resembles a special time machine. It was created just in Serbian with only visual support and without audio files.

In the exhibition we experience how families took care of their offspring in the early childhood and how they spent time together; how craftsmanship and warrior practice developed, as well as how religious practice and customs were established, especially in times when the beloved ones passed away.

Thus, the segment of the exhibition called the Childhood in Court was web-based, whereas in the segment Battles in the Crimean War, the visitor can view directly from the screen the 3D model of Simeon in different periods of life: as very young, in the Crimean War episode, and in later periods of his life.

There is also the VR version adaptable for different headsets called Curug at the Forefront of Mighty Powers (in Serbian: “Čurug na udaru imperija”).

The objects of everyday life, as well as the forgotten, old inscriptions of historians that were written during the golden ages of Curug appear in front of the eyes of the contemporary museum visitors.

Application Fairy guides the museum audience as the mythological creature in 3D format. Curug’s fairy explains all archaeological findings and artifacts in the English and Serbian version.

The episodes of fairy’s storytelling in 3D are related to: farmers and ranchers (i.e. early agriculture), early industry and craftsmanship: pottery, metallurgy and bone treatment; then clothing and ornamentation, trade, waging battles with particular weapons; taking care of children and helping them play; then material reflections of spirituality that are observed in decoration motifs and symbols; customs and religion; and the world of the dead.

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