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Never before us there has been a person like us, and this uniqueness can inspire us to legacy, greatness and contribution. Now that we live on a 7-billion strong planet, the questions and issues of energy efficiency get raised even stronger.

The European project Entropy identified different ways to tackle and solve the issues of energy efficiency thanks to the unity, know-how and determination of consortium partners.

Although consortium partners belong to diverse parts of Europe they understood how to implement better energy efficiency: by integrating science, data tracking, public lobbying as well as involvement of community.

Partners from seven countries in a consortium have gathered to deliver incredible results: University of Murcia (Spain), Intelen (Cyprus), UBITECH (Greece, Cyprus, Argentina), Hyperborea Srl (Italy), ELTRUN E-Business Research Center (Greece), HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Institute of Information Systems (France), PoloNavacchio S.p.A (Italy), DunavNET (Serbia) and STI Innsbruck (Austria). Since the project lasts for three years the project partners are working towards ENTROPY platform creation which will support sensor data processing, analysis and visualization, as well as gamification implementation, including the testing of the pilot project.

For the purpose of the pilot project, we created the Augmented Reality based Treasure Hunt serious game. Relying on the latest Augmented Reality technology, which became the world-wide hit after Pokemon Go, turned out to be a winning combination for engaging users.

There were two goals our augmented reality treasure hunt serious game fulfilled:

1. Educate and entertain users about different topics and aspects of energy efficiency through different types of treasure hunt questions and clues (AR based and multiple choice questions)

2. Motivate users, through personalized recommendations triggered by real time sensor measurements, to adopt desired behavioral patterns and habits and make actions required for the energy efficient operation of buildings (work environment)

The player progresses through the game in two ways:

  • By finding AR markers (images) that help him/her to solve the puzzle and following the clues to find the hidden treasure, i.e to win the prize (e.g voucher)
  • By performing energy saving related actions that lead towards earning energy efficiency related rewards (badges, points, roles, status..)

Because of the gamification effects in AR Entropy Treasure Hunt the increased interaction with relevant users in social networks was made favourable, which could increase end users’ awareness about strategies to save energy and become more energy efficient in his or her lifestyle, while providing a set of energy efficient recommendations and motives.

As a result, the game enables you to have fun, learn about energy efficient community and become member of it, win the prizes and the challenge, adopt more energy efficient life style, as well as save energy and reduce costs.

In a nutshell, the main features of the game are:

  • Gamification mechanisms (different incentive mechanisms available of which some are based on user profile and motivation) such as rewards/vouchers, points,  badges,  scoreboard
  • Recommendations: general recommendations in which users receive a practical tip/advice how to save the energy  or personalized recommendations including specific tasks sent to players to engage them in an energy efficient related action based on real time sensor data at player’s  location
  • Visualization of real time sensor measurements at player’s location (area, sub-area, room)

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