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Paris region entreprises set the standard how AR/VR tech B2B meetings, knowledge exchange and partnerships should be conducted.

This event format was created with the premise that Paris is the first region in Europe for F500 HQs and that through work with wider Paris region you have the access to 500 million consumers on the European market. 26 companies from all over the world and more than 20 large corporations took part at the central AR/VR Tech meeting.

Thus, in 2018 Paris region event was exclusively devoted to professionals who are developing solutions based on AR/VR in the field such as Eye Tracking, Mixed Reality, Haptics, 3d Sensors, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Motion Tracking, 3d capture.

Not even a snow could stop AR/VR professionals from coming together and joining their business infrastructure. Dassault Systèmes Otium and Accenture participated in the panel and together with others on immersive technologies they provided the information: that although the VR technology is ready, user experience can significantly improve. In terms of AR: user acceptance is easier (due to availability of the gadgets – mobile phones). Still, tech can improve. Some of the challenges facing immersive technologies is to reach escape velocity where ergonomics, precision and scalability become the most important focuses.

The event had a crystal clear purpose for international startups as well as large corporations: it involved matchmaking, B2B personal meetings, a panel discussion and the pitch session.

In the video Ghislain Bourgin, program manager for the business innovation in CISCO (USA) stated that their company ‘’choose to invest 200 million EUR as a venture capital in France is because of a really developed entrepreneurship ecosystem.’’ Paris is perceived as a real innovation hub.

Fallaci Young works as Overseas Sales and Marketing Director at Amy Robotics and she defines Paris region as number one for robotics with remarkably high GDP in Europe.

ARVRtech team saw for real how this open global innovation network works and what opportunities for startups exists that can be applicable now. Obviously, startups and large corporations are provided with the infrastructure so that they can build meaningful partnerships and grow together.

According to Helene Tinti in charge of Open Innovation and Corporate partnerships at Paris Region Invest in 2017, B2B results were remarkable: 10 large corporations and 20 startups for IoT and Industries 4.0 were engaged in 120 B2B meetings.

In 2018 the event grew significantly: 26 companies from all over the world engaged with 20 large corporations.

The organization annually provides 35 world-class B2B events in San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing.

Edouard Dolley, Business Developer from SARR IDF Innov emphasized that 150.000 people are involved in research in more than 1000 labs, while there are most competitive R&D tax incentives in Europe. Paris Region Innovation Booster can help you identify the relevant laboratory for your specific need.

For all the aforementioned reasons, this event belongs to the city you do not want to miss. Paris is one of the best tech hubs in Europe and it should be on the lookout of promising companies.

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