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How was 2017 for ARVRtech? Plenty of amazing apps, solutions and memories.

Here is our retrospective so discover with us the ultimate 2017 ARVRtech highlights as we look at three main pieces of information: our clients and solutions, our resources and our community.


VR games turned out to be very popular among our clients in Marketing as they added an element of interactive, engaging and immersive content.

For instance, VR Football Game provides immersive experience to the players, placing them in a spirit of upcoming 2018 World Cup. In VR Football you can take in a real stadium atmosphere, enjoy the game from a Goalkeeper’s perspective as well as from the eyes of a Player, surrounded and cheered on by the supporters.

VR Hopa Games, were developed for Samsung Gear VR provide fun and immersive experience increasing brand awareness and providing an opportunity to present products to new and existing clients.

VR Enterprise Training and Education is capturing the VR market at great pace. LafargeHolcim is a global company which is highly focused on training and safety of its employees. ARVRtech provided the training material for the employees about the safety aspects of work at heights through VR in a realistic 3D world, highlighting all safety critical issues. In addition, the VR presentation of Lafarge Holcim, enabled both employees and public/clients to get acquainted with various processes and products increasing the level of their engagement and knowledge.

Another extraordinary project was Entropy, which was delivered in a consortium of ARVRTech and several other universities and businesses under the auspices of European Commission. The project was focused on energy efficient lifestyles in three domains: Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Data Modelling and Analysis, as well as Recommendation and Gamification.

Therefore, we created an Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt solution that enabled the change of user behavior through series of questions, adventures and hints as players not only have fun but also adopt more energy efficient lifestyle.

Still AR Treasure Hunt did not just turn out to be an extraordinary solution in Entropy; it helped many brands across different industries who became our clients to gamify their experience. This game literally tells the story of the products and services step-by-step on a user journey.

The strong continuation of what we are doing with AR Treasure Hunt can be seen in the new AR and VR application for one outstanding museum. People can educate themselves better and interact with the content presented in the intriguing way as they embraced new technologies and visualize content through the latest technology medium.

Stay tuned for the latest information about this Museum application and remain curious.


The highlight of the year and long-awaited reward for our work reached us in December 2017 when we received funding from Innovation Fund in Serbia. Thanks to this funding we will continue developing the prototype for AI based VR platform for education and enterprise training called Immersive4Learning.

Our VR development lab got extended with awesome gadgets and head mounted displays as more clients want their solutions developed on various headsets and platforms. Thus, in our VR headset collection, when you visit us you may find Microsoft Hololens and Google Tango on Lenovo Smart phone apart from Smart Gear VR and HTC Vive.


Like previous years ARVRtech team has decided to engage more with its clients, as well as current and potential partners online, on trade shows, expert conferences and in VR/AR associations.

Therefore, we would like to highlight the participation of our founder Boris Pokric on Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara where he presented Immersive4Marketing platform to potential partners and other ARVRtech solutions.

Also, our company became the member of VRARA, the world-class VR/AR Association where we have a great opportunity and privilege to share expertise on implementation of VR and AR in education sector, as one of verticals where our passion lies. ARVRtech founder Boris Pokric will give a seminar on the role of AR and VR in innovative and immersive learning, which you can follow in January 2018.

Apart from working with the international clients at fairs, consultancy visits, and in online capacities, our company participated in the international accelerator program Start Alliance in Berlin. Together with disruptive, innovative companies from the UK, Germany, Israel and the US, our company tested the international waters of entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation on Berlin and German market.


In 2018 ARVRtech will continue its growth to become a team of dozen expert people with even stronger and specialized expertise, as well as to work with more outstanding, demanding and innovative clients.

We will be present on more international trade shows and conferences, while we also keep building the prototype for Immersive4Learning platform. Education and creating solutions that uplift our world will be ARVRtech’s focus in 2018, as well.

Feel free to contact us with a project suggestion or question.


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