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It takes special magic power for an organization to gather top people from the niche industry in a short period given the busy times we live in.

This is why VR AR Online Conference achieved a stunning success with more than 75 Speakers, 9 tracks, and 10.000 webinar viewers.

ARVRtech was delighted to present its VR projects in education and training for industrial purposes and you can follow the webinar here.

Boris Pokrić spoke about ARVRtech’s solutions for enterprise training, serious games and the prototype of Immersive4Learning Platform.

In the beginning of the webinar Boris explained how synthetic environment based on Unity 3D engine was used for creating enterprise training in VR for the cement company. This solution could be applied for maintenance assistance for certain machinery, to obtain feedback from users and to prepare them better for work at the company. If HTC Vive controls are used, even more interaction with machinery may happen.

The intention of ARVRtech team working on this project was to provide a generic solution that enables creation of new courses, materials and content. When it comes to ARVRtech’s serious games Boris presented two apps fueled on gamification elements: AR Treasure Hunt and AR Multi-player for Air Quality.

One of our AR Treasure Hunts was created in the European Commission project with the intention to change user’s behavior in public buildings so that they increase energy efficiency.

AR Multi-player for Air Quality was created in collaboration with Disney Research in Zurich in the project FI Content, funded by the European Commission. For instance, there would be slum-based algorithms to place some avatars on the streets. The avatars would change depending on the quality stations, placed in the city. The players of the game would guess the conditions on the basis how avatars looked like and what accessories they wore.

In the final segment of the webinar, Boris explained the educational component of Immersive4Learning platform for the fast creation of educational VR courses, powered by Artificial Intelligence and personalized recommendations. In other words, not everybody will see the same content and the platform may recommend the best pedagogical model to use for a particular kind of material.

Monitoring of learning is based on cognitive models as people’s behavior is checked and the answers they give. Even biometric parameters such as heart rate or movements may be measured. More clues may be added in the educational material.

The great thing about Immersive4Learning platform is that its concepts may be used for different school subjects (from mathematics to chemistry and STEM) as well as enterprise environment: from instructing users about the safety of the equipment or HR processes.

Overall, for the purposes of the webinar, VRARA Industry Committees presented 9 tracks with an admirable array of international speakers: AEC, Education, Enterprise, LBE Arcades, Marketing & Advertising, Retail, Storytelling, Training, and WebVR.

Such a remarkable event attracted equally strong sponsors: the renowned AR/VR software platforms, immersive experience labs, agencies delivering top-notch AR/VR solutions for clients in various industries and AR/VR smart hardware technologies.

Sponsors of VRARA global webinar were: You Are Here, Atheer, ThirdEye Gen with X1 Smart Glasses™ , PTC, Kaon Interactive, Vuze, Marks & Clerk, aisle411, Order 66 Labs, SecondMuse

This event is a fantastic prelude to VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver to show the potential of the entire AR/VR ecosystem and to forge extraordinary partnerships.

On September 21-22 The VR/AR Global Summit will take place as a focal point for innovation and knowledge exchange among content creators, hardware developers, big brands, designers, and manufacturers. Not only in North America, but world-wide.

Speakers from Google, IBM Watson, Ford, NASA and HTC Vive are already confirmed; and their expertise will leave no visitor indifferent.

Through various education and presentation formats, participants and speakers will gather, learn, connect and share their knowledge on the ongoing basis.

VR/AR Global Summit will be a place for inspiration, real-industry insights, meaningful insights as well as hands-on workshops.

VRARA, i.e. VR/AR Association is one of the leading IT industry organizations in the world whose proud member is ARVRtech.

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