Augmented Reality
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The Sydney Morning Herald – June 22, 2016, by Adam Turner
-The Terminator relied on augmented reality to tell him who to shoot-

Rather than whisking you off to a land of make-believe, augmented reality (AR) promises to change the way we view the real world around us.

These days virtual reality tends to steal the limelight, with a new generation of VR headsets hitting Australian shelves this year designed to trick you into thinking you’re somewhere else – whether it’s fighting your way to the front at a rock concert or fighting to survive after the zombie apocalypse.

At first glance, augmented reality seems a bit boring in comparison because, unlike VR , it’s not designed to immerse you in a fantasy world. Instead, it’s a lot more practical, superimposing important information over the top of your view of the real world. Think of it as “enhanced reality” like a fighter pilot’s heads-up display, or the Terminator’s augmented view of the world which could call up anything from facial recognition to engine schematics to help him navigate his way through life.

More than just keeping you well-informed, AR can also blur the lines between the physical and digital realms. You can drop virtual objects into your augmented view of the world and interact with them as though they were real.

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