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today we present to you a fantastic guest post from our fellow content marketer Milos Belcevic.

Our company remains open for guest posts and collaborations as we want to give visibility to remarkable leaders in the world of VR and gaming.

Here is the biography of Milos and his selection of top examples in VR marketing.

Miloš Belčević is independent communications, language and marketing professional. Milos is a digipreneur with passion for technology and new ways to tell stories and engage users. He worked for more than 20 clients from 15 countries, while he also wrote for and appeared in different media in Serbia and abroad. He graduated from University of Belgrade (Faculty of Philology), and is cand. MSc in Marketing and Communications at Rome Business School with a partial scholarship.


VR Marketing might sound like a buzz word, but it certainly is not just another trend.

Virtual Reality is impactful, memorable and immersive. Thanks to innovative and more available technology, VR is easier to use by anyone, as you no longer need high tech equipment to experience it, even a mobile device and Google Cardboard would do well for a start.

When experiencing VR content (not just viewing it), there are no distractions which mean more attention on the message, combined with the intensity of a VR experience. Furthermore, 71% of users think that a brand using VR is forward-thinking and 62% would feel more engaged with a brand that sponsors the VR experience, according to Greenlight Insights, global leader in VR & AR market intelligence.

Now let’s look at 4 remarkable examples of using VR in marketing.

Theoretically, VR gives a numerous opportunities for effective marketing campaigns and unique storytelling and experiences. But without discussing the theory behind and reasons why VR is a great marketing tool, let’s share 4 great examples of using VR in marketing with you.

#4 XC90 Test Drive by Volvo

Volvo made a VR app that lets you test drive XC90 SUV in order to support its launch. Users could enjoy a scenic ride seen from the car cockpit, which is a great way for enjoying a nice VR experience from the comfort of their home, while getting to know the car and the brand better.

#3 Michelle Obama 360 by The Whitehouse and The Verge

The Verge made a 10-minute 360 video about Michele Obama’s success with social media, but it is so much more than “just” a 360 video. It’s a great VR infographic explainer video thanks to animation that illustrates the story in combination with the 360 video.

#2 Holorooms by Lowe’s

Lowe has used VR technology to help their consumers visualize plans for home improvement and experience their dream kitchen or bedroom from the first hand. Practically, Holorooms lets users experience different rooms with Oculus Rift. You can change tiling, lightning, wall colors and fitting everything into the chosen dimensions to make it very real and tailored for each user.

Besides experiencing Holorooms at different Lowe’s stores equipped with Oculus Rift, the users have a possibility of moving the experience to Google Cardbord which is a great advantage if they want to share it later with their spouse or flat mates that didn’t visit the shop.

#1 Trailscape by Merell

In order to support the launch of the Capra, their advanced hiking boot, Merell combined VR with motion capturing technology to take the users to a hike across the steep mountain roads in Italy. They would cross a wobbly bridge, escape a landslide and experience this exciting adventure during Sundance Film Festival.

Photo source: Pixabay