Have you ever thought about your experience in the shopping mall or supermarket? What could be improved, removed, adjusted? And what would happen if we added the dimension of technology to it – if we integrated the world of augmented reality and gaming with the physical world and our everyday routines such as shopping?

Location-based data, gamification and personalization are three magic words that open the realms of Augmented Reality. Apply these three principles as if saying ‘‘Open Sesame’’ and you open Alibaba’s magic cave for attracting new users and enhancing your brand. And you may also advance in the world of e-commerce as if on Alibaba website.

Even before PokemonGo craze, our company DunavNET realized that treasure hunt can be a powerful mechanism to completely change the interaction with supermarket brands. Univerko is one of over thirty apps available on Google Playstore and iTunes that DunavNET developed. The engaging aspect of the game is that users collect points while browsing through the shelves and halls of Univerexport supermarket.

Both marketing managers of  FMCG brands and loyal customers praise Univerko, but for different reasons. Users adopt easily the intuitive and interactive mechanisms so as to engage with the brands they love.  Also, because the main character – Univerko shopping cart resembles a human, it is more likely that both adults and kids will love the game.

Companies on the other hand can set up their commercials in different ways and through various payment models. If another supermarket or retail brand wants to create the customized app, for example John Lewis or Tesco, all elements from the shop’s layout to shelving and mascot can be tailored to company’s corporate identity.

Inside the game commercials can be set up at five different locations: at some of four banners, at obstacles within the game that should be avoided, at objects that are collected, at the front of back side of the cart which the person is driving, as well as at the shelves along the halls. In terms of banners that are available at the moment, they are located above the wall and the administrator defines the content, the number of repetitions and the number of banners.

The app collects the user information and according to the clearly defined procedures Univerexport defines the content of commercials and signs the contract with the brands which will be included whereas DunavNET is responsible for technical implementation. For each 1000 points that are won, the fixed price to pay is created.

Univerko is just one of case studies that international retailers and marketers can apply in their business. With smart phone technology and internet connection, the shopping experience gets beyond four walls of the shopping malls. Thanks to augmented reality sparked with creativity, shopping becomes digital, interactive and innovative.

For more information about customized AR and VR solutions for your marketing campaigns, visit our pages: arvrNET solutions for TFM 2016 and www.argenie.eu. To try out this technology yourself, choose from the ready-made templates and drag and drop the content you want. We would be delighted to see and hear how AR and VR fit your marketing vision and to discuss collaboration during our interactive presentation at TFM. See you in London!