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ARVRtech Becomes a Member of the Global VR/AR Association

2019-11-15T14:27:47+00:0024 March 2017|

ARVRtech is delighted to announce that it has become the newest member of the global VR/AR Association (http://www.thevrara.com), the leading industry organization that gathers stakeholders working in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality.  Both the VR/AR Association and ARVRtech are devoted to implementing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality across various industries and setting new standards in using these advanced [...]

What Shall You Expect when You Do AR/VR Business in China?

2019-11-15T14:27:18+00:0013 March 2017|

The market of China, which encapsulates billion people and trillions of dollars in value can be intimidating to businesses which are not agile and responsive to change. To innovative and daring companies, the market of China is indeed an expansion opportunity although a huge leap into the unknown is [...]

Nail Your Business Game at Next Event with Treasure Hunt

2019-11-15T14:26:47+00:006 March 2017|

We love games indeed because they bring fun, intelligence and engagement into our lives and interactions. Therefore, it does not come to us as a surprise that the gamification market is exponentially growing. The 120-page insightful MarketsandMarkets forecast estimates that the gamification market will grow from USD 1.65 billion in 2015 to USD 11.10 [...]

Winter Holidays and Ski Jumping in Virtual Reality

2019-03-06T13:30:07+00:0023 February 2017|

One of the most amazing advantages of Virtual Reality is that players can experience the action from their own perspective which sets a huge opportunity for tourism and sport sector. For instance, during The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games NBC and BBC enabled early adopters to watch the first ever Olympics broadcasting throughout [...]

How to Play VR Game Archery and What Benefits You Get Out of It?

2019-03-06T13:25:47+00:0016 February 2017|

There is a remarkable revival for thematic tourism world-wide and one of those examples is certainly the medieval festival Just Out Manasija which gathers international audience of raving fans for knighthood, chivalry and medieval games. In August 2017 the estimation and intention of organizers is that the festival is going to [...]

How Can Augmented and Virtual Reality Wow Your Event Visitors Immediately?

2019-03-06T13:19:07+00:006 February 2017|

What was the last time you thought about putting your events and presentations on the next level? Luckily, with Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions not only event managers, but also business executives, developers and marketers found the latest tools to pursue their agenda: creating more value, enabling better service, [...]

4 Examples of Perfect VR Marketing

2019-11-15T14:25:01+00:002 February 2017|

Dear ARVRtech readers, today we present to you a fantastic guest post from our fellow content marketer Milos Belcevic. Our company remains open for guest posts and collaborations as we want to give visibility to remarkable leaders in the world of VR and gaming. Here is the biography of [...]

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