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Virtual Reality Started in Film and Gaming Industry. What is Next?

The global virtual reality (VR) in gaming market size is expected to reach USD 45.09 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. These numbers are promising if we bear in mind that Virtual Reality has originally started in film and gaming industry, where creativity and engineering [...]

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How do we Take the Headache out of Virtual Reality?

For some people, VR is still in its infancy and the quality of content and hardware is just to improve in years to come. Some players experience feelings of discomfort or nausea when playing games thanks to various headsets and gaming environments. Thus, this text is dedicated to help our readers avoid [...]

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Why should Businesses Quickly Adopt VR Technology?

Let us imagine that you must figure out in your customer service what the issue is as the customer provides the adequate description of the problem. Yet what happens in reality is that the potential new client looks for the solution and technical implementation from a company. Instead of typical [...]

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The History of VR Development with Trivia

When some technology is novel it takes quite a while for it to disseminate and users to accept it. Virtual Reality is no exception, as a logical continuation of technological development we faced with predecessor technologies that have skyrocketed in use and impacting our lives:  World Wide Web, mobile [...]

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More Money for Marketing Agencies Lies on the AR and VR Platforms

Cloud computing and Augmented and Virtual Reality are two most emerging technologies today that receive attention even from those who do not have technical background. VR solutions for marketing can create greater engagement and increase brand awareness of products and services that marketers want to put upfront. Due to [...]

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3 Ways to Make Your Factory Smart and Ready for Industries 4.0 with VR

If we think about the factories from the age of Henry Ford and factories of the 21st century the difference is striking. Many industrial complexes and factories integrate advanced technologies in order to ensure greater productivity, better working conditions for its employees, as well as to optimize processes according [...]

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The Museum Exhibition Comes Alive with AR and VR

ARVRtech collaborated with the Museum of Vojvodina on a project about the greatest archeological exhibition in Vojvodina over the course of a last half of the century, dealing with the archaeological remains in Curug. The exhibition was opened on the evening of 30 January, 2018 thanks of the courtesy [...]

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Celebrate Women in Technology Beyond International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day 2018, organizations and companies world-wide united around challenging  issues such as: significantly lower pay for women in comparison to men, under-representation of women in all walks of life from public service, science and technology to entertainment industry, as well as the urgent necessity to empower [...]

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ARVRtech Presented its Expertise to Global Innovative Corporates in Paris

Towards the end of February ARVRtech experienced Paris as the innovation hub thanks to the global event and B2B platform called Paris region entreprises. This niche, high level networking event was tailor-made to the needs of companies that exclusively develop AR and VR solutions. ARVRtech was in a company of 12 [...]

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