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How Does Virtual Reality Spread among Generation Z?

2019-03-05T14:10:41+00:0030 October 2017|

According to October 2015 data from Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research, 79% of Gen Z US internet users—defined as those ages 10 to 18—said they are interested in virtual reality. But other generations were also drawn to the technology. Almost 73% of Millannials said they are interested in virtual reality and 70% of Gen [...]

Typical Questions about User Journey and Augmented Reality

2019-03-05T15:08:09+00:0016 October 2017|

Today let us analyze how Augmented Reality would affect the user journey across various verticals: in retail, in marketing and in product selection. As you already know, Augmented Reality enhances the physical environment you see by overlaying virtual elements and components.  Typically, for Augmented Reality those pieces of information [...]

ARVRtech Tries out Berlin Market with 15 Global Founders at Start Alliance

2019-03-05T15:19:45+00:0021 September 2017|

From 7-22 September the Start Alliance organization, together with Berlin Partners hosted startups from the world’s founder metropolises in Berlin. 15 young entrepreneurs from Tel Aviv, London, New York and Paris traveled to the capital to try out Berlin as a location for their German or European business and [...]

How All of us will get Healthier thanks to AR and VR?

2019-03-05T15:35:51+00:0030 August 2017|

There is a bright future ahead of us, judging by the integration of technology and healthcare. According to a Lancet study at this moment 5 billion people world-wide do not have access to affordable and safe surgery. Although providing the universal healthcare is such a complex goal to reach [...]

12 Most Frequent Questions about Virtual Reality – Answered

2019-03-05T15:51:15+00:0021 August 2017|

Virtual Reality is here to stay and in this article we reveal answers to the most frequent questions we get from potential clients, when we meet them in person and online.What is Virtual Reality?Virtual Reality (VR) is the full immersive 3D experience that the users receive with VR wearables. This [...]

Top Three Strategies to Get Better Virtual Reality Results

2019-03-05T15:58:33+00:0017 August 2017|

Today in order to prepare this article I was researching for different innovation frameworks which explain why some technologies and enterprise take off and some others do not. The inspiring quote of Mahatma Gandhi seemed to be also appropriate, ‘‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you [...]

How can AI and ML Boost AR and VR? Examples from 5 Sectors

2019-03-06T10:22:26+00:0014 August 2017|

The next level in buliding up Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions would be to harness the potential of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to the fullest.  Thus, let us start out with defining these terms and differences among them. Artificial Intelligence entails that the machines are capable of carrying [...]

A Year After Pokemon Go Craze

2019-03-06T10:30:55+00:0010 August 2017|

One year after Pokemon Go craze it becomes obvious that the market and consumers have just plunged into the world of VR and AR. Pokemon Go started on a storm, thanks to its strong nostalgia appeal within the group of people who grew up with Nintendo oldies. All of a sudden, [...]

Ritesh Patel Explains the Evolution of Healthcare with Digital Marketing

2019-03-06T10:40:33+00:007 August 2017|

Ritesh Patel brings back faith in the world of marketing and healthcare with his smiling presence and extraordinary knowledge. He has been part of marketing evolution as he has over two decades of experience working in digital media, web, information technology, and operations in healthcare, retail, and hospitality industries. Apart [...]

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