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Ritesh Patel Explains the Evolution of Healthcare with Digital Marketing

2019-03-06T10:40:33+00:007 August 2017|

Ritesh Patel brings back faith in the world of marketing and healthcare with his smiling presence and extraordinary knowledge. He has been part of marketing evolution as he has over two decades of experience working in digital media, web, information technology, and operations in healthcare, retail, and hospitality industries. Apart [...]

6 Steps to Content Marketing Success with Joe Pulizzi

2019-03-06T10:43:45+00:003 August 2017|

Today ARVRtech has a special treat for you: the interview with Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute whom we met at Technology for Marketing event in London. He delivered a masterclass called 6 Steps to Content Marketing Success so watch his presentation to get excellent insights. Not only is [...]

What are Main Differences among Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality?

2019-03-06T10:52:11+00:0031 July 2017|

When it comes to new gadgets and solutions: they may confuse us, intrigue or amaze us, yet certainly they may not leave us indifferent. The interest and even passion for Augmented and Virtual Reality has expanded beyond the community of developers to experts in other industries and fans of [...]

What Do You Need to Know about VR before Watching the Next Sport Match?

2019-03-06T10:53:04+00:0027 July 2017|

We live in the age where we have moved beyond observing the world around us. More and more of us want to actively take part in all aspects of good life: professional career, physical fitness, quality time with friends and family, as well as compelling entertainment. This eagerness and [...]

How to Use VR for Training and Maintenance in Factories of the Future?

2019-03-06T10:58:20+00:0024 July 2017|

Have you ever thought that Virtual Reality can be successfully applied in big systems such as smart factories of the future (FoF)? Since there are 31 million of persons in the EU employed in manufacturing and 80% of the EU’s exports are manufactured products, the sets of initiatives to create [...]

How Can Virtual Reality Amplify Luxury Brands?

2019-03-06T11:05:13+00:0020 July 2017|

One of the most influential books about luxury and brand management is The Luxury Strategy Marketing Brands by Jean-Noël Kapferer and Vincent Bastien, especially because it unveils the counter-intuitive principles that enable high-end brands to have tremendous pricing margin and influence. As business gets global and purchasing power increases, principles of luxury branding can [...]

How to Use VR for Education and Training? Best Examples Worldwide

2019-03-06T12:26:00+00:0017 July 2017|

In one of our previous articles we have analyzed how educational challenges can be tackled with AR and VR Intelligent Platforms. Now let’s see in which circumstances VR can be used for education and training and what tangible benefits we obtain: 1)       Facilitate different learning contexts in VR: hello to [...]

Education Challenges and the Potential of AR and VR Intelligent Platforms

2019-03-06T12:29:01+00:0010 July 2017|

‘‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,’’ said Nelson Mandela and this approach still holds true around the world.  In the age where exponential technologies need to address and solve complex issues, education systems globally should undergo significant reforms. Across the world, IT [...]

Why do you need ARVRtech Augmented and Virtual Reality Expertise?

2019-03-06T12:37:54+00:006 July 2017|

AR and VR solutions are evoking intrigue and interest both among consumers and businesses that want to harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies.   In this article we will look at a variety of services that AR and VR companies can deliver, which can solve challenges of brands and end-users. Although AR and VR [...]

What can Virtual Reality Teach Us about Climate Change?

2019-03-06T12:41:13+00:0023 June 2017|

Digital disruption is happening across all industries. Innovative companies with visionary leaders not only start to generate huge data sets, but they also equip their teams with knowledge to access those pieces of information intelligently.  We live in a multidisciplinary world where it is not enough to sweep the [...]

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