AR / MR / VR – B2B Solutions for the Fashion Industry

2020-06-18T13:14:49+00:0017 June 2020|

Intro If you’d have to pick any industry which would be the best fit for innovation in visual technology, which would it be? I’d bet the fashion and clothing industry in general would be among your top 5! Especially in the upcoming ‘new-normal’ post-covid19 world. Can you imagine waiting in [...]

Innovative Learning for Young Talents thanks to Immersive4Learning Platform

2019-11-15T15:04:55+00:0010 December 2018|

You could tell more about the benefits of Immersive4Learning platform in some of our previous blogs.   Our company remained at the frontier of innovation thanks to partnership with the team behind NTC Learning, accelerated learning for talents. The primary intention of the NTC Program is the practical implementation of new discoveries from the field of [...]

Virtual Reality in Smart Manufacturing with Lafarge Holcim

2018-12-26T22:14:28+00:0013 November 2018|

Virtual Reality has the huge application in the field of Smart Manufacturing since, this branch of manufacturing should optimize: concept generation, production, and product transaction. If we look at the benefits of smart manufacturing in the short-term sense, brands and companies which decide to pursue such an endeavor will lower [...]

Immersive4 Learning – How do we Transform the World of Learning one Student at a Time?

2019-11-15T15:03:21+00:0017 October 2018|

ARVRtech has built the initial concept of the platform Immersive4Learning, which will harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality and transform how people of different ages, skill sets and personalities learn. Immersive4Learning is an innovative intelligent platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a set of pedagogical models [...]

What are Main Differences among Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality?

2019-11-15T14:40:13+00:0031 July 2017|

When it comes to new gadgets and solutions: they may confuse us, intrigue or amaze us, yet certainly they may not leave us indifferent. The interest and even passion for Augmented and Virtual Reality has expanded beyond the community of developers to experts in other industries and fans of [...]

Why do you need ARVRtech Augmented and Virtual Reality Expertise?

2019-11-15T14:34:48+00:006 July 2017|

AR and VR solutions are evoking intrigue and interest both among consumers and businesses that want to harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies.   In this article we will look at a variety of services that AR and VR companies can deliver, which can solve challenges of brands and end-users. Although AR and VR [...]