3 Industry and Consumer Scenarios where AR is a better Solution than VR

2019-03-04T15:24:43+00:009 February 2019|

IT professionals who work with both Augmented and Virtual Reality can provide us with the industry insights after taking the realistic view on both technologies. Due to the availability of smart phones it seems that AR will prevail much easier and it will be possible to use it in various [...]

ARVRtech Participated in VRARA Global Webinar on AR/VR for Training

2019-03-05T09:57:59+00:0022 February 2018|

It takes special magic power for an organization to gather top people from the niche industry in a short period given the busy times we live in. This is why VR AR Online Conference achieved a stunning success with more than 75 Speakers, 9 tracks, and 10.000 webinar viewers. [...]

The Best Moments of VR Victory during 2018 Winter Olympic Games

2019-03-05T10:56:50+00:0019 February 2018|

There are no coincidences in life. Thus, the first Olympic Games take place in AR and VR format in one of the most developed tech nations in the world: South Korea. Between 9-25 February, 2018 the fans of winter sports, the elite athletes of Winter Olympism, world-class technological and [...]

What Shall You Expect when You Do AR/VR Business in China?

2019-03-06T13:40:06+00:0013 March 2017|

The market of China, which encapsulates billion people and trillions of dollars in value can be intimidating to businesses which are not agile and responsive to change. To innovative and daring companies, the market of China is indeed an expansion opportunity although a huge leap into the unknown is [...]

How Can Augmented and Virtual Reality Wow Your Event Visitors Immediately?

2019-03-06T13:19:07+00:006 February 2017|

What was the last time you thought about putting your events and presentations on the next level? Luckily, with Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions not only event managers, but also business executives, developers and marketers found the latest tools to pursue their agenda: creating more value, enabling better service, [...]