The Museum Exhibition Comes Alive with AR and VR

2019-03-05T08:37:51+00:0012 March 2018|

ARVRtech collaborated with the Museum of Vojvodina on a project about the greatest archeological exhibition in Vojvodina over the course of a last half of the century, dealing with the archaeological remains in Curug. The exhibition was opened on the evening of 30 January, 2018 thanks of the courtesy [...]

Celebrate Women in Technology Beyond International Women’s Day

2019-03-05T08:42:23+00:008 March 2018|

On International Women’s Day 2018, organizations and companies world-wide united around challenging  issues such as: significantly lower pay for women in comparison to men, under-representation of women in all walks of life from public service, science and technology to entertainment industry, as well as the urgent necessity to empower [...]

ARVRtech Presented its Expertise to Global Innovative Corporates in Paris

2019-03-05T09:17:31+00:005 March 2018|

Towards the end of February ARVRtech experienced Paris as the innovation hub thanks to the global event and B2B platform called Paris region entreprises. This niche, high level networking event was tailor-made to the needs of companies that exclusively develop AR and VR solutions. ARVRtech was in a company of 12 [...]

ARVRtech Shared its Know-How with IT Community at Tech Breakfast #19

2019-03-05T11:02:46+00:009 February 2018|

The beginning of February was a great opportunity for ARVRtech to share its expertise with vibrant tech community of Serbian entrepreneurs at Tech Breakfast, February edition in Belgrade. We were invited by Heapspace colleagues to talk with fellow entrepreneurs about market opportunities in VR and our road map for next 6-12 [...]

Immersive4 Company Shares 2.5-Million EUR Innovation Fund Grant with 24 Enterprises

2019-03-05T13:31:08+00:008 December 2017|

Immersive4 company, founded by ARVRTech, has been awarded along with other 24 enterprises the grant from The Innovation Fund, initiated by The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and provided by World Bank. The winning teams will receive grants amounting together to 2,5 million EUR for the commercial development [...]

How All of us will get Healthier thanks to AR and VR?

2019-03-05T15:35:51+00:0030 August 2017|

There is a bright future ahead of us, judging by the integration of technology and healthcare. According to a Lancet study at this moment 5 billion people world-wide do not have access to affordable and safe surgery. Although providing the universal healthcare is such a complex goal to reach [...]

12 Most Frequent Questions about Virtual Reality – Answered

2019-03-05T15:51:15+00:0021 August 2017|

Virtual Reality is here to stay and in this article we reveal answers to the most frequent questions we get from potential clients, when we meet them in person and online.What is Virtual Reality?Virtual Reality (VR) is the full immersive 3D experience that the users receive with VR wearables. This [...]

Top Three Strategies to Get Better Virtual Reality Results

2019-03-05T15:58:33+00:0017 August 2017|

Today in order to prepare this article I was researching for different innovation frameworks which explain why some technologies and enterprise take off and some others do not. The inspiring quote of Mahatma Gandhi seemed to be also appropriate, ‘‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you [...]

How can AI and ML Boost AR and VR? Examples from 5 Sectors

2019-03-06T10:22:26+00:0014 August 2017|

The next level in buliding up Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions would be to harness the potential of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to the fullest.  Thus, let us start out with defining these terms and differences among them. Artificial Intelligence entails that the machines are capable of carrying [...]

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