360 VR Tours: Transforming the Real Estate Industry

2020-11-09T13:15:28+00:009 November 2020|

Statistics say that 90% of home buyers search online for their next home. Since the 1990s, real estate agencies have listed properties on their websites with picture slideshows and 360 panoramas. The introduction of 360 VR tours in real estate was a game changer, allowing future homeowners to experience properties [...]

VR Applications: 360 VR Tours for Business

2020-10-30T12:28:58+00:0030 October 2020|

More and more businesses are turning to VR applications to enhance their storytelling, raise brand awareness, and improve customer satisfaction. The latest trend in the technology of virtual reality is 360 virtual tours for business - an excellent way to create immersive experiences for a wide range of consumers.  When [...]