5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of VR While Staying At Home

2020-04-22T13:21:19+00:0021 April 2020|

Intro In a surreal near-apocalyptic scenario, most of the world population seems to be shuttered in their homes, doing their best to keep safe against an invisible enemy. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools and universities to close, and many have switched to working from home if they were fortunate [...]

This is Why This Year Will Be the Year of Immersive4Learning

2020-05-15T12:15:58+00:007 April 2020|

Intro The year 2020 brought a lot of changes to education systems all around the world. Due to the global coronavirus health crisis, students of all ages - from primary schools to universities - could no longer physically sit in a classroom. It wasn’t safe for so many people to [...]

Adaptive Pedagogical Models for VR Learning Powered by the Intel NCS2

2020-05-15T08:31:45+00:0031 March 2020|

Intro VR learning, like any other type of e-learning, is quite different than the traditional forms of education. The classroom is replaced by a UI, the teacher by a software algorithm, and instead of textbooks, there is a combination of audio, video, and text files. VR learning requires a conceptual [...]

3 VR Headsets We are Looking Forward to in 2020

2020-05-28T11:30:13+00:0026 March 2020|

Intro With so many cool headset releases in 2019, it stands to reason that 2020 VR headsets game will be a bit quieter in terms of revolutionary technology. The leading names in the VR industry will take a moment to breathe and regroup, perhaps put out an upgrade or two [...]

4 Benefits of Using Virtual Reality in Education

2020-04-09T08:06:53+00:0012 March 2020|

Intro Even though there’s still a way to go before VR becomes mainstream in the classroom, there’s no denying the benefits this technology brings to education. Early testing and trial classes with children of all ages have shown that VR offers so much more than traditional ways of learning through [...]

Top 10 VR Games Coming in 2020

2020-02-06T13:15:52+00:006 February 2020|

VR Gaming in 2020 2019 has arguably been the best year for virtual reality. From headset releases and accompanying gear that only enhances the immersive experience (hello, Oculus Quest hand-tracking!) to games that further allow us to escape our regular, mundane lives. Well, hold on to said headsets, because 2020 [...]

How Can VR Help With Treating Social Anxiety?

2020-01-31T14:39:41+00:0031 January 2020|

Colab. We teamed up with a prominent medial news website, DocWire News, to explore a relevant and mutual topic. Medicine and VR do mix well, as we've seen how VR is used when surgeons practice for risky operations, how it helps in detecting Alzheimer's disease in its early stages, and [...]

You See it Everywhere, but Who Actually Uses Virtual Reality?

2020-01-08T13:33:05+00:008 January 2020|

INTRO So it is new, it is cool, and everyone wants to play with it, but who actually uses virtual reality? Who is it for? The simple answer is: for everyone! A few years ago, only those in the worlds of gaming and military had any real use out of [...]

Before Booking Your Next Trip: Will VR Replace Travel?

2019-12-18T14:20:34+00:0018 December 2019|

As virtual technology improves, it's natural that it opens new opportunities and use cases. It was just a matter of time when virtual reality would take upon tourism and travel. Therefore, people are asking questions like: Could virtual reality really replace holidays? Or Are we going to be able to [...]

Did You Ever Wonder How the Military Uses Virtual Reality?

2019-12-17T11:52:07+00:0017 December 2019|

The First People In VR? Soldiers! One of the first fields to start using virtual reality, militaries around the world have been reaping the benefits of this technology ever since the 1980's. While this might have sounded intimidating and been a subject of many conspiracy theories, nowadays there are plenty [...]

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