The season of holidays would not be so amazing without the people we love and technology that connects us.

At DunavNET we celebrate successes from the previous period when appropriate; we spend fruitful time in the present moment and implement groundbreaking ideas for the future.

When you work in an innovative company and your job is to constantly move the borders of invention and client satisfaction, working 9 to 5 is not an option that could function in reality.

Instead, our team mates are more than employees and we continue to emphasize the importance of corporate culture in every day interactions. They are entrepreneurs and force for innovation.

It happened so frequently that they can find a solution to programming or marketing challenges once they move from their desks, observe the world around them and ask potential users about the pain that technology can relieve for them.

As you can see from the photos in 360 degrees, a little bit of party is a perfect way to thank to those you work with hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder every day.

In case you want to use 360 degree cameras for your event experience, feel free to ask questions, yet here are top reasons that come to our mind why you should use 360 degree cameras:

1. 360 degree cameras are affordable and convenient to carry.

For example, LG’s 360 Cam costs less than $200 and there are also other brands you should try out such as Samsung Gear, Kodak, Ricoh, 360fly 4K.

2. These cameras transform user experience of your brand.

In the world of wannabes be unique as you will present the information in 360 degrees so that the key features of your brand emerge: the atmosphere presented from a new angle, the good times and call to action.

3. It is fantastic to share content captured with 360 degree cameras.

360 degree cameras enable you to share all over social media: from Facebook and YouTube to places like Flickr or Ricoh’s own website in case you decide to use Theta S.

As technology emerges, soon we will be able to go beyond taking amazing photos and footage. For creative and innovative tech people, the sky is the limit when it comes to adopting new technologies.