After this year Technology for Marketing event DunavNET company surpassed the ambitious expectations that the company team has set since last year’s participation at TFM.

So many exciting leads and raving interest for Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions at our TFM stand showed that this upcoming technology is already familiar to marketers and that they are ready to harness the potential.

TFM Insights are delivered to inboxes of marketers around the world as they can read about topics such as: marketing automation, content marketing, digital transformation, SEO, CRM, email, social media and data.

During two TFM days of networking and inspiration marketers exchanged with representatives of DunavNET and partner agency Homepage their experience in the aforementioned areas, but they also had the unique opportunity to see immediately how to apply virtual and augmented reality in their marketing campaigns.

Marketing agencies and their clients that implement cutting-edge innovation are fond of augmented reality where graphic content is integrated into user environment or live videos and virtual reality where real-life environment is created with artificial or computer stimulation.

According to statistics that Mavenecommerce has compiled, 37% of customers plan to use VR for travel and exploration, 33% of clients in gaming industry, 10% in shopping such as visiting virtual stores and fitting rooms.

Regarding augmented reality use, the clients evaluated that virtual dressing room (88% of respondents), shopping app (75% of respondents), color changing app (73% of respondents), catalog app (65% of respondents) are most significantly going to increase their likelihood of purchasing the product.

These pieces of information are especially important for marketing agencies whose clients are in the aforementioned industries, which are already being disrupted by engaging and fully-immersive solutions.

Another refreshing demographics for marketing agencies is that these new technologies are going to cause almost the same excitement across four generations: 79% among Generation Z, 73% among Millennials, 70% among Generation X and 64% for Baby Boomers. 

During TFM all marketing, customer service and e-commerce professionals experienced at DunavNET and Homepage stand how AR and VR technology will contribute to the existing marketing value chain and how it will disrupt traditional marketing campaigns.

DunavNET’s superb engineering team created solutions for clients in FMCG, event management, tourism and hospitality industry which were exclusively presented to international TFM audience at DunavNET and Homepage stand and for the first time outside of the scope of work for clients thanks to their courtesy.  Certainly, with those examples marketing professionals will get better ideas how to apply VR and AR in their campaigns with companies, big and small.

Nowadays in marketing calendars campaigns last 365 days because new content and updates are constantly needed. For example, the shelf-life of facebook post is 2 hours and 30 minutes, within which period your post will get 75% of the total impressions.

In such age of micro-moments, virtual and augmented reality will not replace the social media marketing channels that have become the mainstream. Instead, VR and AR will add the new dimension of customer care and innovation on the edge that the brands need to enhance again and again.

For more information about customized AR and VR solutions for your marketing campaigns, visit our pages: arvrNET solutions for TFM 2016 and To try out this technology yourself, choose from the ready-made templates and drag and drop the content you want. We would be delighted to see and hear how AR and VR fit your marketing vision and to discuss collaboration.