We see augmented reality at its best in the way how we interact and learn with our environment. The benefits of AR include rich and immersive user experience and the more personalized content that serves the particular needs of the user. 

Moreover, augmented reality enhances the brand perception among customers and it aids users during their purchase decisions, while it serves as the point of sale promotional tool and improves the loyalty in innovative times.

So far in our projects DunavNET created augmented reality solutions with 4 kinds of markers such as QR code, text, image and 3D objects.

QR codes are the choice for advertisers and publishers as well as for ecommerce providers and FMCG professionals so as to endorse virtual shopping and connect the virtual and real world.

Then QR codes can be classified into text, image, video/audio and 3D animated model. We have also noticed among our clients that QR codes are the excellent option for additional engagement in print publications and during conferences. Upon scanning texts and images in the promotional materials the additional information, related to company’s identity or user needs could be read.

For corporate events in the field of digital media and IT innovation the customized AR app could be made at different stages. For example, we made such a demo so that participants upon scanning their accreditation could see the list of visitors, speakers’ biographies, complete conference program and sider options.

Another kind of demos can be successfully created in the markerless mode.

Markerless presentations are created as the flash based browser interface is used for different kinds of AR games and tours as it seamlessly interacts with both tablets and smart phones. During the recent Internet of Things event in London, the logos of partner companies and media would appear in top left corner, signifying the attachment of those brands to the well-renowned event in IoT industry.

In our company we strongly believe in what Google calls ‘‘Moments that matter’’ and we encourage our clients to make 3D greeting cards for seasonal corporate promotions and holiday events (New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Labour Day, etc.) for both internal communication and to tell new stories to their loyal customers.

Furthermore, there are location-based demos which may include the following GPS data: latitude, longitude, altitude, and horizontal accuracy.

For instance, the leading ice-scream company in the region commissioned the app from DunavNET where AR content was triggered upon scanning the ice scream label and on the smart phone all selling points across the city were included on the map.

Finally, together with our clients we merged the element of fun and augmented reality in games such as treasure hunt when people could answer the quiz questions during the event and after answering correctly scan their phones for additional information at pre-selected objects and situations, which further amplified the brand.

For more information about customized AR and VR solutions for your marketing campaigns, visit our pages: arvrNET solutions for TFM 2016 and www.argenie.eu. To try out this technology yourself, choose from the ready-made templates and drag and drop the content you want. We would be delighted to see and hear how AR and VR fit your marketing vision and to discuss collaboration during our interactive presentation at TFM. See you in London!