As one of the Microsoft’s IoT partners, DunavNETis joining Microsoft at Gitex Technology Week in Hall 7, stand number B10, to present their solutions based on MS Azure from 16-20 October.

DunavNET is a research-intensive SME and expert company that develops turnkey IoT solutions for sustainable cities and efficient agriculture.

Each solution encompasses devices for monitoring/measuring different parameters/acquiring information, cloud-based infrastructure that enables data collection, storage, analytics, retrieval and visualization, as well as web and mobile application that provides real-time information for end users.

During Gitex 2016 DunavNET will showcase cityNET – a suite of modular and customizable solutions tailored to the needs of smart cities:

1) parkNET: a solution that simplifies finding the nearest available on-street parking spot which enables drivers to significantly save time, and consequently reduces noise and air pollution, whereas it improves parking utilization.

2) fleetNET: a remote vehicle tracking solution that provides insights into vehicle’s locations, speeds and important parameters from the board computer, style of driving etc.; it also reduces fuel consumption; cuts down vehicle servicing costs, improves employee safety, and prevents vehicles misuse.

3) ekoNET: a low-cost environmental monitoring solution for indoor and outdoor deployment that provides wide monitoring of public environment conditions; monitoring larger areas by using mobile installations, and enabling enterprises to oversee their environmental impact. Parameters that are monitored are: air quality, noise, UV rays’ exposure, exposure to harmful gases.

4) wasteNET: a simple and easy-to-deploy solution for waste management optimization in urban areas.

5) irrigNET: a solution for optimized irrigation of green urban areas.

6) touristNET: an augmented reality powered tourist service for interactive and gamified exploration of the city landmarks.

7) lightNET and ilumiNET: a smart lighting control solutions for buildings and cities that save money and energy.

DunavNET also focuses on creating agro-based IoT solutions that transform precision agriculture into prescription agriculture.

They will step out with IoT based solutions for early detection of rodents (rodentNET), rational irrigation of crops (irrigNET), continuous and automatic insects counting (trapNET), tracking changes in fields using HD cameras mounted on drones (growNET), efficient individual asset management (boxNET), efficient pesticides usage by combining advanced prediction models with real-time micro-climate information (alertNET), connecting local trusted food producers with quality savvy consumers (Pijacanaklik), and last but not least the greenhouse environment control for better yields and crop quality (greenhouseNET).

Some of these solutions the visitors of DunavNET’s stand can discover by using the latest VR technology which is also developed by DunavNET and its AR&VR team.