Every new edition of TFM in London brings more excitement to organizers, exhibitors and visitors. arvrNET solutions, part of DunavNET company, will participate at TFM this September for the second time. 

One of TFM’s keynote speakers, Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, has outlined key content marketing trends for 2017 and he stressed out the importance of purpose-driven marketing: the big why every company should have in mind when they create the marketing strategy.

Storytelling evolves and DunavNET’s clients across various industries have embraced the augmented and virtual reality in their marketing efforts so that they provide new experience for their users. Thanks to creativity of our team and good relationships with predominantly FMCG companies and tourism entities we have created sleek augmented reality solutions with customized markers that reveal new information in the printed materials and encourage ‘‘reading between the lines’’.

We have also developed the apps for treasure hunt before the Pokemon Go craze so as to add more value to ongoing corporate events and promotions. From our experience with big clients, such businesses understood that the future of marketing lies in augmented reality and they also want to differentiate their brand with customized solutions in the domain of virtual reality.

It is important that big brands change their video strategies because so much more can be done beyond viral videos or in the words of Joe Pulizzi ‘‘the process and organization should be built around the delivery of valuable information through video.’’

The immersive experience of virtual reality can serve that purpose because end-users receive with all their senses the message that big brands craft carefully; also customers can test products, services and trials before the actual purchase as if it is real with all their curiosity and open mind.

According to Joe Pulizzi, successful companies strive to create differentiated content and now their ratio of spending is 80% on content promotion and 20% on content creation. When it comes to content creation, DunavNET can help incredibly because we are starting with the clients’ idea in mind and lead them to the final result.

Our experience has also shown that in partnerships with marketing departments of big companies or with boutique agencies we deliver the well-rounded marketing solutions where our main contribution is the application of augmented and virtual reality.

For more information about customized AR and VR solutions for your marketing campaigns, visit our pages: arvrNET solutions for TFM 2016 and www.argenie.eu. To try out this technology yourself, choose from the ready-made templates and drag and drop the content you want. We would be delighted to see and hear how AR and VR fit your marketing vision and to discuss collaboration during our interactive presentation at TFM. See you in London!

Photo credits: Virtual Reality News