Case Study

Serious Game
with AR

How did we manage to raise environmental awareness
with concepts of gamification and Augmented Reality?

FI-content – Serious Gaming with Augmented Reality

The AR based Serious Game was developed through FI-content, EU-funded project, which offers FIWARE Enablers dedicated to media and content. The developers used these Enablers to build apps and solutions for Smart City Services, Social Connected TV, or even Pervasive Games. FI-content project was part of the FIWARE initiative, which offers Generic Enablers, and is devoted to more common, umbrella issues such as cloud infrastructure, security, and alike.

ARvatar serious game came into the world when FI-content project consortium and our company joined forces. The aim was to raise awareness on air pollution and other environmental issues, by using concepts of Augmented Reality.

The challenge was to develop specific enabler (SE) which uses Slam algorithm for markerless tracking applied to Augmented Reality in serious gaming. In addition, specific enabler had to be developed, which offers features and functionalities for creating and deploying AR applications.

Because the issue of protecting the environment has the relevance of common good and actually affects people from all walks of life, regardless of their profession, age, gender, and economic status, the app developed using SEs had to be absolutely easy to use, with intuitive user experience and opportunity to gather real-time data.

One of the most important concepts in creating ARvatar serious game was to provide to participants an interface that offers rich and engaging user experience and presents them the relevant information to achieve set goals.

ARvatar game was built on top of Fi-Content – FIWARE specific enablers developed by ARVRtech group of DunavNET, namely ARTool and SLAMflex. The ARTool SE provides Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that offer features and functionalities for creating and deploying AR apps using simple and intuitive drag&drop interface requiring no programming knowledge.

The solution we created enabled use and visualization of real time environmental data within the pervasive game ARTool platform through integration of the ekoNET IoT Service.

The ARvatar can be actually visualized through Augmented Reality perspective once the appropriate markers are detected. Thanks to SLAMflex SE developed by us visualisation of ARvatar with markerless tracking was also enabled.

ARvatar is also modified and influenced by the environmental measurements received in a real-time (such as temperature and CO2 concentration). After the ARvatar is visualised, the player can start the game. For example, the player can guess the real values of CO2 concentration and the temperature on the basis of the ARvatar appearance. These changes in ARvatar relate to the score and position of the gamer. The closer the players get to the correct result, the more points they receive.

In a nutshell, ARTool SE offers Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to provide functionalities and features for deploying and creating AR applications.

FIWAREis an open initiative created to enable a sustainable ecosystem around the integration of recent Internet technologies. As a result, FIWARE provides Generic Enablers to developers and SMEs.

These FIWARE enablers for the ARvatar game are on top of the FIcontent, while ARTool and SLAMflex (Specific Enablers) were developed by us based on the project requirements.

Augmented Reality FIcontent application works on all types of smartphones or tablets (iOS or Android).

The project benefited by expanding access to the FIWARE Media & Content Lab, where live demos and other extraordinary content at FIWARE Media & Content Enablers were available for further development and integration. As well as use and new creation of FIWARE Enablers was achieved.

It turned out, regardless of the end user that if the desirable information is presented in an appealing way, it may encourage people to see it from a different perspective and that they can start changing their everyday habits, as they become more ecologically aware and driven to sustainability.