VR and AI Handshake
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The next level in buliding up Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions would be to harness the potential of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to the fullest. Thus, let us start out with defining these terms and differences among them.

Artificial Intelligence entails that the machines are capable of carrying out so called ”smart tasks” and to make independent decisions whereas Machine Learning enables machines to improve themselves as time goes by and as algorhythms become more and more sophisticated.

Several groundbreaking innovations were important for advancement of AI and ML. The first one was Artur Clark’s approach that instead of teaching machines everything they should know, we should teach them how to learn and improve themselves. Secondly, because internet and the horrendous amount of data got available world-wide, better learning amd modelling the mind became possible.

So far in many instances programmers would supply intelligence to the system with their supreme coding skills, so this was not exactly Artificial Intelligence. Instead those were programs. Still, AI is now being used to automate so many mundane processes and it can be implemented in all industries that rely heavily on complex amount of data sets: healthcare, banking, retail, etc.

There are various ways that Artificial intelligence can be applied along with Virtual and Augmented Reality, so let us look at severalmost striking examples:


It is incredible that VR/AR together with AI can educate the nect generation of professionals in life-threatening and responsible jobs such as doctors, factory workers, firemen, pilots and alike.

We have shared out own example when VR is used for training and maintenance in Factories of the Future. The same kinds of solutions are used for doctors that can go through countless virtual scenarios without a single life being jeopardized. Virtual Reality powered by AI is available to many firemen teams that go through the worst cases, pilots that bring back the plane’s latitude to the safe haven or emergency medical teams (EMTs) that save people’s lives from traffic accidents and natural disasters.


One of the most striking benefits of Artificial intelligence is that is has the power to make complex decisions, which is applied in defence industry. Before any weaponry is used at all, AR military system, fuelled on AI can be run. Thus, so many simulations can be tested with the comparison to system archives and the best military strategy can be found.

The constant advancement of tech shows to us where future battlefields will run. For example, ARC4 connects to the military satellites and drones as well as to highlight dangers and threats in AR mode.


We have already seen that our entire social media capital, networks, conversations and data are going into the halls of microniches and messaging apps such as Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber.

Chat Bots are developed heavily as we speak and one of the next avenues will be to include VR component into it. For example, Facebook purchased Oculus Rift in order to expand its VR investment portfolio and generative models from deep learning aund users’ photos will enable them to design avatars almost automatically.


Similar to high-quality CAD models for training and maintenance, companies invite end-users to try out the mapped physical environment to meet other of their needs.

Let’s say they choose different kinds of furniture before buying or indulge into AR retail shopping experience.


Our future looks promising because we are constantly expanding frontiers of what is possible to sift through technology. Not only do we map the walls inside the buildings and furniture, but we can also see through the internal organs of patients that need to be operated.

We are on a threshold of the world or better say, a surgical ward where we can see our major organs through a headset. Still, these insights and automatic depth perception with precise adjustments will be ingrained into these devices. AI becomes the integral part of sport competitions and matches as it is able to process plenty of calculations and data sets that make a yawning difference in getting 1% better. Plus it is just the matter of time when surgical robots will perform routine procedures.

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