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There is a remarkable revival for thematic tourism world-wide and one of those examples is certainly the medieval festival Just Out Manasija which gathers international audience of raving fans for knighthood, chivalry and medieval games.

In August 2017 the estimation and intention of organizers is that the festival is going to get bigger and more exciting with a greater number of attendees which calls for the creation of more sophisticated AR and VR content. That is why we are already actively working beyond Augmented Reality technology and introducing immersive and engaging Virtual Reality experiences for 2017 version of Just Out Manasija app.

Let us now take you on a journey through a VR Archery game which is the first in the series of Medieval Games.

Maybe we will see you at some of the knighthood events throughout Europe and present you our solutions since Just Out Manasija gathered last year participants from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Hungary, The Republic of Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Slovenia, Ukraine, etc.

During the festival the audience had the opportunity to watch and cheer during dozen Medieval Games: horse races, chivalrous and archery tournaments, historical battles, presentations of troupes that dance with sword and fire, medieval board games, social games, martial disciplines in the knight village, as well as swordsmanship competitions which consist of medieval armored fighting, European fencing with no armour and modern fencing.

All of these knighthood games, which are physically demanding, will be prepared in the format of Virtual Reality experience so that all interested people move from the position of the festival observer towards the experience of a medieval game contestant. For example, in Archery game you are riding a horse and try to reach targets with a bow and arrow in your hand. Still, because you are set in a VR environment, you experience the game from your own perspective.

You experience an element of competitiveness as you try to outplay others in three rounds and to get the highest score. The closer to the center of the target your arrow hits, the score is higher. The winner is the player with the highest score in one of three rounds.

Moreover, there are several benefits that Virtual Reality games offer to different target groups.

For users, there is an element of extra fun as they increase their understanding of the cultural heritage and history. In Archery game, as in many other solutions we created, gamification mechanisms activate players’ competitive spirit.

For marketers, there is a vast opportunity throughout the game to incentivize users to recognize their brand. The marketing implementation for VR games is incredible.

The banners, multiplayer mode and scoreboard all serve to the same purpose: presenting the brands which accommodated the game and provided special rewards, discounts, vouchers or other incentives to those who are not only loyal to the brand, but also who are incredibly skillful players.

In order to really experience how this game functions, it is best to try it yourself. We created our game for Samsung VR Gear, Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 phones that fit the VR Gear, but it is also possible to adapt it for different head-mounted displays.

As a marketer, you can also seize the opportunity to present the game in the open environment, such as conferences or events. In that case, apart from the headsets, you will need a laptop with these functionalities: connecting the LCD displays, local database, internal WiFi Network, as well as internet connection to share results via social media.

Augmented and Virtual Reality is the cutting-edge technology which makes customers excited, emotionally engaged and transformed. As a seriously innovative marketer, you cannot afford to miss VR and AR which is at this stage of development and which is already becoming a mainstream. Follow our next texts where we will bring to you the best of VR games and some awesome surprises we are cooking in our ARVRtech studio.

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