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ARVRtech has built the initial concept of the platform Immersive4Learning, which will harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality and transform how people of different ages, skill sets and personalities learn.

Immersive4Learning is an innovative intelligent platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a set of pedagogical models for enabling personalized learning process in the virtual environments.

This platform follows the growing trend of numerous VR devices and other hardware equipment that is available on the market. For example, cloud-based creator supports range of hardware items such as Oculus, HTC Vive, smart phones, tablets, PCs.

Immersive4Learning creates a brilliant synergy between the world of technology and pedagogy. Thus, AI assisted authoring with intelligent recommendations is created on the basis of semantic analysis of aims. This platform can be used in formal as well as enterprise education and in different domains, which makes it incredibly applicable to the needs of education market that truly seeks innovation.

Several pedagogical models are used depending on the domain, age group and exact topic, which enables customization and personalization of the platform for every single user. Practically speaking, this personalization and value-adding is seen through dynamic monitoring of behaviour in VR environment and intelligent profiling of learning styles, just for starters.

There are several major benefits that this AI-powered platform provides at an unprecedented value than educational tools before. First of all, the educational sessions can be designed by teachers and delivered to students, so there is no need for hiring external help and oftentimes expensive consultants.

Then, educational material is presented in-line with respectable pedagogical models that benefit each student. Practically speaking, material is adapted to each individual depending on their pace of learning, as well as cognitive and psychological properties. Also, VR environment automatically detects learning style and progress, thus suggesting next steps and recommendations for improvement.

At the moment, given the fact that the project moved beyond the initial conceptualization and ideation stage, the main objective is to build Immersive4Learning platform hosted in the cloud. Then, a set of building blocks will be packaged as SDKs which will provide the necessary functionality for enabling AI-powered delivery of personalized learning experiences in the virtual environments. These learning experiences will be in different domains for both formal and enterprise education i.e. industrial environment.

The important aspect of Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is that it provides a way to customize the learning experience for a student on the basis of factors such as pre-existing knowledge, learning style, and the student’s progress through the content material. Learning with ITS can lead to higher outcome scores regardless of the level of schooling (elementary to postsecondary), and whether the research was conducted in a laboratory setting or a classroom

Therefore, Immerive4Learning integrates innovative ITS which is composed of four major parts, namely: student model, domain model, teaching model and presentation model. The models are developed so that they can work with the virtual reality content and are able to absorb different domains, for example mathematics, physics, manufacturing training, manufacturing maintenance and others.

The teaching models can be interchanged dynamically so that different pedagogical approaches can be used. The student model uses cognitive learning model to represent learning progress, ability, assessments and other learning aspects. The learning is dynamically monitored within the virtual environment by the AI Monitoring Engine so that the learning material is personalized accordingly in order to optimize the performance (e.g. achieve certain learning curve or mark).

Immersive4 project is led by a group of highly skilled engineers that gained their experience by working on the advanced computer vision, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) projects with the leading organizations and institutions across the world.

The team has the manifold competences at a higher level, which range from product development and commercialization, team leading, entrepreneurial skills, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, content creation and pedagogical models and associated analytical skills, VR systems and all aspects of development, education and industrial education experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology holds the most promise in education through enabling immersive visual, auditory and interactive experiences, while engaging students’ imaginations in ways previously impossible. The ability to interact in these virtual worlds can enable a more intuitive, play-based form of learning. It has been concluded in different research studies (NCSU, Upskill) that significant performance improvements in learning are achieved when using VR technology.

According to Technavio’s market research report, it is predicted that the global VR in education sector market will grow at a CAGR of above 55% during the 2017-2021 period from around $200 million to $1.7 billion. The virtual environment allows students control over their learning in a consequence-free, explorative manner, through which they become empowered and more engaged.

Likewise, the cheaper, more readily accessible consumer-grade VR equipment is opening up new enterprise use cases such as learning and training, some of which have vast addressable markets.

Tractica estimates that the addressable market for the five largest areas (among which is enterprise education, training and learning) where enterprise VR will grow will be worth over $1 trillion in 2017. Tractica forecasts that the market for enterprise VR applications will grow from $592.3 million in 2016 to $9.2 billion by 2021, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 59.6%.

Currently, enterprises spend vast amount of time and financial resources on training. VR technology will make this process much more efficient both in terms of learning performance and cost, providing clear business incentives for it to be deployed at large scale.

Immersive4Learning platform will target customers in the conventional (e.g. schools, universities) as well as in the enterprise education (large international corporations) for the creation and delivery of courses. Also, our solution can be delivered to a new set of clients: the existing educational platforms which currently lack the Artificial Intelligence components for the personalization, behavior monitoring and content authoring.

These platforms can be extended with the Immersive4Learning SDKs which can be integrated within these existing platforms in order for them to become more advanced and efficient.

To conclude, Immersive4 Learning will position itself as the intelligent platform for fast creation and delivery of the personalised VR educational courses on the global market due to the expertise of the team, innovative technology, market readiness and international partnerships.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning component bring Immersive4Learning closer to patent-pending concept and relevant in the world of ICT services where technologies can become obsolete easily and if the management does not pay attention to disruption.

We at ARVRtech are eager to inform you how Immersive4Learning develops so that you can take this technology to your advantage and we possibly engage in long-lasting partnerships.

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