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On international women’s day 2018, organizations and companies world-wide united around challenging issues such as:

  • Significantly lower pay for women in comparison to men
  • Under-representation of women in all walks of life from public service, science and technology to entertainment industry
  • As well as the urgent necessity to empower the new generation of girls so as to help accomplishment of Global Goals by 2030

No media created a comprehensive coverage on more than ten pages as Guardian so click to learn how International Women’s Day 2018 really looked like for women around the Globe.

To our minds it was equally striking to see some corporate brands change their logo upside-down as a symbol of making Women’s efforts in business crucial and with capital letters.

On the other hand, we learned from Nobel Prize website and Twitter account the names and accomplishments of all women who won this Prize since it has begun. Likewise, the largest particle physics lab in the world CERN, also shared female accomplishments and encouraged greater representation in STEM.

Two web pages really made our day as they covered extraordinary research on women in science and technology. Scientific American provided a list of women in science, as well as 500 Women Scientists project. Now these are two more resources to celebrate exceptional women’s voices.

Thanks to NASA’s Planetquest four remarkable astronomers and astrophysicists Natalie Batalha, Sara Seager, Debra Fischer and Jessie Dotson were celebrated thanks to their leading missions such as the Kepler spacecraft and the Hubble telescope.

Still, despite outstanding results that women achieve in science, New York Times article reminded us that women should become more ambitious towards gaining money and power.

When we earn more, we can help more. When we accomplish business goals and we are awarded in monetary sense and we are paid how much we deserve and by results, such as commission we are capable of uplifting more women in our surroundings.

One of the most influential portals and networks for VR and AR industry: Augmented World Expo named 8 women pioneers in AR and VR landscape that paved the way for today’s women in XR. Read this eye-opening text to meet the tech pioneers, community builders, founders and the next generation of women in computing.

It is not that we celebrate women just because it is Women’s History Month. It is actually extremely important to involve women in leadership positions as they are key decision-makers for raising the children, taking care of the family, using certain products and services (especially IT tools), as well as spending in households.

Finally, to share praise ourselves one of our Founders Maja Pokric was recognized by World Bank Serbia as a leader in technology and you can find her inspirational quote on the website.

Our business developer Milena Milicevic was recognized by Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Executive Coach in the world and NYT bestselling author on the list of Top 100 Aspiring Coaches.

Congrats to Milena and Maja, inspiring individuals in our immediate surroundings and we look forward to hearing more about successes from your side.

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