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In this article we will discuss the more technical side of Just Out Manasija app and how you can implement it in your event management business.

As you have already seen in this text, Just Out Manasija app takes you back to medieval times with the help of video and photo content.

Just Out Manasija app was a great tool for all the attendees at the annual Just Out Manasija Festival, which takes place every August. The event was recognized as innovative in its nature, which not only portrays the cultural heritage, but also involves the participants who can test how it was to live in medieval times. Moreover, the festival received the patronage of various institutions and companies while The President of The Republic of Serbia opened its last edition.

Our teams ARVRtech and Homepage agency transformed this spirit of festivity, community and learning into the Just Out Manasija app, which you can download for free. Company Huawei provided indispensable technical support and sponsorship so that the entire showcase and equipment function smoothly during the event.

The application is available in two languages (English and Serbian) and you can access two kinds of Augmented Reality content: the one with markers and the markerless.

For example, if you access the content with Marker and you move your phone in the direction of the content: there will be a trigger. In a split second, the different kinds of historically relevant information will appear on your phone. One of our favourite functionalities was that you can try out medieval weapons that knights in Serbia used as if they are real.

Another way you are sent back to the age of knighthood is that you scan with the phone the images in red. Then you are able to assess on this phone the extra information which appears visually and in the text format such as The Map of The Festival, the equipment of knights, the clothes and everyday life of ordinary people, and the tombstone of Despot Stefan Lazarevic.

Also, ARVRtech team together with Homepage agency created the 360-degree video which puts VR and AR enthusiasts not in the perspective of an observer, but participant.

We were very flattered as not only digital marketers, but also experts in tourism industry understood and received very warm all this content, which we pulled together. It was recognized as a remarkable tool for event promotion, which goes beyond open-air festivals that gather mass audience and possibly one niche: enthusiasts for cultural heritage and hobbyists for medieval souvenirs.

In other words, after the festival was over we received so many requests from those who saw the potential for event promotion in their own spheres. The mechanisms of Augmented and Virtual Reality that we showed during Just Out Manasija can be adjusted easily for different formats in MICE industry, music festival, niche events that gather special target groups or corporate promotions.

Still, our teams went an extra mile and showcased at Just Out Manasija Festival the first in the series of medieval and knighthood games that is available in Virtual Reality.

This VR game is called the Archery game and it introduces the whole series of knighthood games as well as the creative and innovative potential of our AR and VR studio. In this game you are riding a horse and try to reach targets with a bow and arrow in your hand, which was wonderfully accepted at the entire festival.

Technically, to assess the Augmented Reality content you need a cell phone to open the apps, whereas for Virtual Reality if you use Samsung Gear, you will need Samsung mobile S6 or S7.

Of course, although Virtual and Augmented Reality is perceived as the extra marketing and engagement content it is complementary to the existing social media channels. Thus, all the aforementioned types of content can be shared via social media buttons: be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere.

This is a great chance for wider audience to learn about the AR content with markers and the markerless one, as well as how competitive VR games can get even though the storyline happened centuries ago.

To get the best results and more engagement yourself, download Just Out Manasija app or try it out at some of our events. We look forward to your feedback and creating more amazing solutions together.

In our next blog post you will be able to read more in-depth analysis about Archery game and how this journey of knighthood games will continue to unfold both before Just Out Manasija 2017 and afterwards.

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