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Cloud computing and Augmented and Virtual Reality are two most emerging technologies today that receive attention even from those who do not have technical background.

VR solutions for marketing can create greater engagement and increase brand awareness of products and services that marketers want to put upfront. Due to interactive nature of Virtual Reality, marketing becomes also more dynamic, spot-on and creative. Another mechanism to implement VR in marketing are VR platforms. with customized templates and on-demand metrics to measure.

Thus, ARVRtech created a cloud-based platform on the premises that Augmented and Virtual Reality applications can be intuitively created without programming. Through numerous interactions with our clients we have learned that marketing agencies, clients in retail, consumer electronics, tourism, education and other verticals want to be in tune with the latest technologies while they also create the content.

Digital natives have moved in their thinking and testing from ‘‘I want somebody to show me how this technology works’’ to ‘‘I want to try this myself and create my own versions of AR/VR apps and solutions.’’

In our first version we have just focused on creating drag-and-drop platform for AR, but now our strategy and product development have evolved so that we integrated the component of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Therefore, we invite all of you to try and test MRgenie Web Creator, the drag-and-drop, cloud-based platform which evolved thanks to needs and wants of our clients.

MRgenie is easy and intuitive to use as you follow the procedure for using it in four straightforward steps:

  • It all starts with an idea for the app. So you can bring your idea to life via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies

  • The next step is to create amazing AR/ VR Apps with the templates you can find in the MRgenie Web Creator

  • Once you are happy with the app you can publish it on MRgenie market or simply just share it with your friends via social media or in private capacity
  • Finally, you get to use the app on an ongoing basis and enjoy it. Bear in mind that you can have a 30-day free trial on MRgenie

What can a cloud-base platform such as MRgenie do for marketing agencies, their clients and profitability?

1) MRgenie is a fantastic solution to cater to the needs of both brands interested in targeted campaigns and individual users who want more personalized, self-made content. We have created two MRgenie options: an app for the Public Market and your Private AR&VR Creations.

2) Another challenge that clients of VR and AR companies face is that the standardized, single kind of content should be delivered on different headsets that exist.

The good news is that many hardware options and gadgets for VR and AR exist in the realm of consumer electronics that the upcoming thing is creating all different kinds of content which is going to engage and entertain all users.

This is where the magic of marketing agencies comes into practice so that they can join forces with our engineering team and create campaigns that convert users.

3) Likewise, another benefit that marketing agencies have while working on cloud-base interface is that the product life-cycle in VR and AR campaigns gets short.

Thus, it gives users competitive edge as they are in charge of the result they want to create and they can try out the best templates from VR and AR libraries.

For example, available VR templates are VR Gallery and VR Game, whereas available AR templates range from Photo, Photo Markerless, Greeting Cards, all the way to our favourite product Treasure Hunt – Game, IoT, AR Blank.

We used appropriate AR Photo templates for Ski Dubai or Technology for Marketing fair in London, and we realized how applicable MRgenie is in the event industry. At the moment, our decision is to expand into the marketing vertical so that MRgenie becomes the go-to tool where different inputs and outputs are going to be tracked.

MRgenie in the updated version will rely on inputs, pilots, and previous campaigns of our clients. Then the user would be able to feed data related to the project content, context, collected data and principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The final output will be that the campaigns can be created across sectors with different templates, and some content can be added or subtracted to it, as we track marketing metrics and get extra engagement with VR and AR.

AR content stems from 2D models, 3D models, text, video, photo/flash button, to web link and share. Also, there are different types of VR content in a 3D environment: photos, audio, video, text, 2D models, and 3D models which are upcoming.

MRgenie is the project in motion which will depend on what our users demand and how technology evolves. Time and team effort will tell what the limit for the world of VR and AR is.

When clients hire us on campaigns for managing their brand or activation of users, we help them choose among all different types of AR and VR content. Of course, many of those content categories are available on MRgenie and clients can test User Experience and how VR and AR feel to them.

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