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We love games indeed because they bring fun, intelligence and engagement into our lives and interactions.

Therefore, it does not come to us as a surprise that the gamification market is exponentially growing.

The 120-page insightful MarketsandMarkets forecast estimates that the gamification market will grow from USD 1.65 billion in 2015 to USD 11.10 billion by 2020. The report includes the most dominant leaders in gamification niche such as Arcaris, Badgeville, Bigdoor, Bunchball, Faya Corporation, Microsoft, Salesforce. Because both consumer and enterprise brands want to include gamification principles, this niche is growing rapidly while a lot of attention is devoted to user experience and Return on Investment.

We should also bear in mind that not only end-users yearn for gamified solutions. These tools are very practical to motivate personnel internally, especially in client-facing professions such as marketing, sales, and Human Resources. When the call to action is to increase the number of company clients or to improve engagement at team buildings or corporate events, gamification becomes quite handy. Thus, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 46.3% is to be expected in the field of gamification.

When it comes to Augmented Reality, Pokemon Go is the game that brought AR experience to the next level, attracting global craze for the first time. Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo joined their forces and the rest is history. The game had a simple concept: players could capture hidden Pokemons as they initially discovered on the players’ phones with the mechanisms of Augmented Reality. Since its release in July 2016 the game has attracted the loyal fan base and the players could not get enough of stories, characters, locations and chase.

Inspired by aforementioned principles and requests of our clients, we have developed AR Treasure Hunt app, which may be customized to any industry where end-users need to be more incentivized to participate. Along with the world-wide phenomenon, we are able to create the similar Pokemon Go experience to engage, inform or educate our target audience.

The rules of Treasure Hunt are quite simple. The organizer creates a treasure hunt, defining clues, and markers to be used throughout the game.

The player “hunts” and solves the clues by following markers, either visual images or GPS location, in order to find and unlock the next Augmented Reality clue. In addition series of single/multiple choice questions can be included to enrich further experience. At the end of the AR Treasure Game the “Treasure” awaits in different forms for each player profile. Furthermore, it is possible through the game to encourage user to perform specific recommended Actions in relation to real time data, making the game more dynamic and exciting.

In summary ar treasure hunt offers:

  • Indoor or Outdoor version
  • Single or Series of AR Treasure Hunts
  • Sign Up (optional)
  • Incentive Mechanism through QR code Voucher System
  • Augmented Reality based clues (think POKEMON GO like experience)
  • Q&A part
  • Hints
  • „Ask a friend“ via social networks
  • „Actions“ – tasks pushed to players based on a real time data or measurement
  • Leaderboard
  • Game analytics

It is important to remember that the quality content and understanding players’ behavior trump over complicated technical solutions. The game becomes interesting when there is a story behind the questions, as well as when there are various kinds of tasks: be that trivia, did-you-know questions, fill-in-the-gaps or multiple choice questions as well as “take a photo” or “go to this location” tasks. Our Treasure Hunt has all of these options.

When the game is finished, the player is awarded a certain predefined prize based on final results. This brings us to the opportunities for corporations to use Treasure Hunt. The application can be branded with the customized company logos across different stages of the game. Secondly, winners can receive gifts, discounts or vouchers and this enhances long-term brand loyalty. Finally, apps like Treasure Hunt bring refreshment into corporate meetings, trainings, activation events and team buildings, races and various competitions, as well as tours around your premises or institution.

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