Project Description



Just Out Manasija Festival wanted to harness the potential of new technologies and enable their international visitors to time travel not only live during the festival days, but also in the digital arena. Customized technology was created thanks to the magic of Homepage digital marketing agency, the engineering team of our company, and Huawei company which helped us present our solution on the newest models of Huawei phones.


Just Out


Event; Entertainment


Mobile AR App


Augmented Reality


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To create the leading segment of a digital marketing campaign in the form of activation which will provide a unique experience, unlike anything that has been seen in the event management industry in the region.

To expose visitors to new and engaging experiences by presenting information related to the site using AR technology.

To create an appealing solution that will be in alignment with visitors of different cultures.

To share the experience with a wider audience and attract them to visit and be associated with the Just Out Manasija Festival.


The Manasija Augmented Reality app allows pieces of information from the real world to merge together with computer-generated content.

Visitors who access the app on their phones scan the particular marker and receive additional information regarding various topics. Once you move the phone camera closer to the marker, the engaging content is triggered. In a matter of seconds, historically relevant information appears on your phone through Augmented Reality technology.

The new photo that is taken receives additional graphic elements such as event hashtags, branded red and white buttons, and frames on the screen. Two buttons for the markerless version are displayed: either the selfie option for taking photos or a regular photo-taking option where different light modes can be adjusted with or without flash.


Augmented Reality Just Out Manasija application works on all types of smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).


This app was positively received by not only digital marketers, but also experts in the tourism industry. It received one of the most prestigious awards for digital marketing. Just Out Manasija positioned itself as a remarkable tool for event promotion, one that goes beyond open-air festivals that gather mass audiences within one niche. The indirect positive effect for the festival was that the more engaged the visitors were, the more likely it was that the bottom line would increase.

Just Out Manasija’s example showed that in event management, congress industry, or edutainment, AR and VR are especially good channels to pursue on top of a marketing strategy – users are always on their tip-toes with surprise and wonder.

AR and VR are disruptive technologies in any sector we can imagine. Thus, Just Out Manasija’s result leads to a conclusion that these technologies are more than a topic for conversation – they are intuitive platforms for presenting old information that people respond well to and are easily impressed by.