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The Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment (ILFE) is a research organization. ILFE has realized numerous projects related to the silviculture and sustainable forest management, conservation and the management of forest genetic resources, projects on the establishment of protective greenery, rehabilitation of degraded forest lands, forest protection, forest management plans, etc.

ILFE wanted to integrate VR into its operations. Together, we made a VR experience creator app called VR Nature 360°, letting users to create and explore the great outdoors through virtual reality.


The Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment (ILFE)


Environment Research Organization


VR Creator app – Desktop
VR Experience app – Mobile


Mobile VR


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The main challenge for the Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment was to integrate modern technologies like virtual reality into their operations. They wanted to produce a VR experience creator app that would allow users to use a map and place their own 360 photos of nature. These 360 photos could be viewed with a virtual reality headset.

An additional challenge was that this was supposed to be a twofold app. The creator part had to be a web-based and accessed via a desktop or a laptop, whilst the mobile app would allow users to view the 360 images placed on a map in VR.


The VR Nature 360° solution consists of two separate applications.

The first one is a desktop app accessible via a dedicated website over a desktop or laptop computer. Here, the users log in and are able to access the creator. In the creator, they can add a new location as a pin on the map, enter specific details about the location, add Points of Interest (POIs), and portals that lead to the next location.

The POIs and the portals enhance the VR experience. When creating a location, you can put an emphasize on a specific part of the 360 photo by putting a POI button on it and explaining to the users what they are looking at.

The second part of the VR Nature 360 solution is a mobile app. When a user starts the app, they can see the map with all the existing locations on it. The user then chooses which location they wish to view. When they tap on the pin on the map, a popup window opens up, displaying a title and a short description about what is on the 360 photo in that location.

Once the user is inside the photo, they have the option to immerse themselves even more by tapping the VR button. They are prompted to put their device into a VR headset, and they are ready to view the 360 photo in VR. By clicking on the POIs, the description is shown, and by clicking on the aforementioned portal, the user is transported into the next 360 photo.


The VR Nature 360 solution was created for mobile VR. It can be used on a variety of Android mobile phones and also VR headsets that can be fitted with a mobile device.

The creator part of the app was intended to be used via a desktop or a laptop as well.


The Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment implemented and added VR technology to its range of services. With that it has become a pioneer in the region, as it is one of the first research institutes to apply VR technology. Through that, they show their innovative mindset and willingness to explore what new technologies have to offer.