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It’s been 10 amazing years since DunavNET started creating the company history.

It is the holiday season that made us look back and share our story with you told by our CTO Boris Pokrić.

‘‘The past 10 years have been an exquisite journey for DunavNET. We started as a small outsourcing company with just four employees to become respectable company gathering 50 enthusiasts for innovative solutions in the domains of Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Our greatest success is definitely managing to build up a company from scratch with our own ability to scale employees and business by utilizing our expertise. We know that this is not by accident. Together with our team mates we have made DunavNET become Microsoft Silver Partner and company that is today focused on developing its own IoT, AR and VR solutions and commercializing them globally.’’

A decade in global IT business is a long period, yet the best times are ahead of our venture since we are constantly striving to innovate, scale, create and ship.

‘‘When we look back, some of the greatest milestones in the previous years have defined what DunavNET is about and shaped where the company is now. We’ve been working on many EU funded projects and collaborating with the most significant institutions around Europe that also recognized our expertise and contributions in different projects and areas.

One of the most important accomplishments of our team and company is definitely becoming Microsoft IoT partner, having in mind that this global giant has recognized our ability to deliver complete and complex solutions that can help world become better place for living.’’

In IT business there is always more to accomplish, learn and deliver so Boris Pokric finishes his birthday observations with optimism,

‘‘Our passion is to deliver innovative products. In the coming years, we plan to stay on the same track: to help cities become smarter and to transform agriculture with our smart IoT solutions, but also to deliver novel products in AR and VR space. It’s been quite a journey, and there’s still so much to achieve…’’

Special thanks to Tamara Belajic, Marketing and Sales Associate at DunavNET who prepared this material.

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