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Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt campaign was created for Entropy Project so as to increase awareness about energy efficiency and stimulate more environmentally friendly behavior in people.

The project that encapsulates the gamification in learning is creating greater results than usually when the local community and different stakeholders participate not only in one city in Europe, but in three.

What is going to happen next is that the deployed mechanisms and frameworks will be validated and evaluated in real life conditions in three use cases based on publicly owned buildings, namely at: the Navacchio Technology Park close to Pisa in Italy, the technological park and university campus in University of Murcia in Spain and the Technopole in Sierre in Switzerland.

ENTROPY project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649849.

The human brain has the power of a supercomputer indeed. Gamification provides experiential learning, where the possibility for the retention of information is highest and there are various incentive mechanisms in the game design that are tailor-made to user profiles and motivation, such as rewards/vouchers, points,  badges,  scoreboard .

Apart from questions that user gets throughout the game, Augmented Reality is employed which forces players to activly participate by seraching for the clues around the building. The player scans the image on the wall which represents the clue.

When it comes to AR Treasure Hunt functionalities, apart from the aforementioned gamification mechanisms, there are specific tasks, based on real time sensor data. These tasks and challenges are sent to players to engage with them in an energy efficient related action.

This is one of the most fundamental postulates to changing human behavior for the better, guide people through the experience, provide them with the opportunity to test, iterate and validate, move beyond the theory towards the practicality of this process so that people see what they do in the simulation can be applied to the real life.

The player has the opportunity to receive recommendations which should incite them to perform certain tasks that will lead to energy conservation. There are general recommendations in which users  receive a practical tip/advice how to save the energy  and also there are real time sensor based recommendations which include the specific actions/tasks sent to players to engage them in an energy efficient related action at player’s  location.

As a result, completed actions/tasks are either validated by sensor measurements or confirmed by the player, and these actions are awarded by appropriate badges.

Another important functionality is the visualization of real time sensor measurements at player’s location (area, sub-area, room).

The first Campaign Run will be completed by 22nd of December 2017, and our intention as the creators is that the players will enjoy the game and learn about different ways to conserve the energy, and how every little matters in our joint effort to preserve the resources and the environment in which we live for future generations.

Bear in mind that different Treasure Hunt type of games can be created for the purposes of your type of business and industry. The content of the Treasure Hunt game can be adjusted to fit client’s particular needs in verticals such as education, tourism, marketing, and entertainment.

We would be delighted to hear your story, what goals you want to accomplish in 2018 and how Augmented Reality and gamification can be of use to you.

Please get in touch to find out more!

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