The Year of Immersive4Learning
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The year 2020 brought a lot of changes to education systems all around the world. Due to the global coronavirus health crisis, students of all ages – from primary schools to universities – could no longer physically sit in a classroom. It wasn’t safe for so many people to be in the same place at the same time, and thus schools had to find different, innovative ways of working through their curriculum.

The obvious answer to this conundrum was online schooling.

Because students couldn’t attend class, they had no choice but to listen to online lectures, connect with their teachers and peers through apps like Zoom, and do online homework and even exams.

All of this served to reinforce the idea that education doesn’t have to come in the traditional form we’re used to. There are so many advantages to remote e-learning; arguably more advantages than to standard schooling, especially if we are talking about VR learning.


Because VR has the unique ability to transport the learner into locations and time periods and even realms they normally don’t have access to, they automatically understand the core of the lesson on a deeper level. Reading about the Victorian era cannot be compared to actually taking a walk down a London street in the 19th century.

As a result of this completely immersive experience, VR learners can retain the new information for longer. They might even get excited about visiting new places and historical moments and even playing around with 3D objects!

The 3D visualization is a major component of VR education, where the learner can easily construct an idea or a concept by using 3D models. What better way to describe how a diesel engine works or what a sugar molecule looks like?

The fact is that studying from a textbook is slowly becoming obsolete and that these groundbreaking technologies are paving the way to new forms of education.

And amidst all that, the Immersive4Learning platform even goes a step further.


Immersive4Learning is a unique VR platform designed and developed for training and education. Through the use of VR headsets, students and employees of all ages and backgrounds can immerse themselves into worlds of new knowledge and new experiences, all without needing to leave the comfort of their home.

This system utilizes a combination of interactive elements – text, audio, and video files – to engage the learner and help them absorb information faster.

Not only that, but by using powerful hardware and sensors, Immersive4Learning tracks the learner’s reactions to this content in real time. This allows the platform to adjust the lesson in a way that keeps the learner interested and motivated to learn.


AI and neural networks are the core of this project. Through these ‘smart’ technologies, the Immersive4Learning system actively monitors its learners for signs of boredom, disinterest, or confusion. It takes cues from physical parameters such as eye movement, heart rate, head position, and similar.

If the platform decides that the student isn’t paying enough attention or that the material is too complex for them, it shifts its focus. It can generate hints and helpful notes for the student to understand better; it can provide them with more audio or video files, if the student isn’t enthused about reading chunks of text and vice versa. Basically, Immersive4Learning makes the learning process a one of a kind journey that is tailored specifically for each and every learner.

No two people are the same, and thus no two learning paths in Immersive4Learning are the same either.


That is a great question, isn’t it? Our hope is that this platform becomes the center of education in any classroom or auditorium or even training room across the globe. This depends on a myriad of factors, of course, but the unfortunate events from this year certainly raised important points for discussion when it comes to e-learning. An argument can be made that it is perhaps time to slowly leave traditional education behind.

We hope that it won’t take long before Immersive4Learning finds its rightful place in education and wows students everywhere with how learning can actually be amazingly fun!

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