Top 5 VR Devices for 2019
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Virtual reality has been around for decades, and yet it has started gaining traction only recently. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and to VR finding its rightful place in areas such as gaming, marketing, tourism and military use, today we have an endless selection of virtual reality headsets we can choose from to enhance our user experience.

Whether you’re looking to get a nifty VR headset as a holiday gift for your kid or are investing in one for your company and/or project, we’re here to make your decision-making process easier.

From the very experts of developing AR and VR software, here come the top 5 virtual reality headsets you can buy today.


Best for: All Gamers

The VR headset that revolutionized the industry, the Oculus Quest is the first standalone headset that provides a 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) experience. It also comes with two hand controllers, again with 6 DOF for that premium gaming feel.

The Quest doesn’t need a mobile phone or a PC to run. However, in the future, Oculus has announced that it plans to upgrade the headset so it can connect to your VR-friendly PC for an opportunity to try out PC VR games as well.

Not only that, but the Quest will soon be outfitted with native hand-tracking, meaning that you won’t need to use controllers and instead will be able to interact with objects in the VR space using your just hands. How awesome is that?


Best for: Steam Gamers

In the world of tethered VR headsets (those connected to the PC, in this case), we have the Vive from HTC that stands out with its fully immersive experience. It comes with two motion controllers, as well as two ‘base stations’ that have the ability to generate a ‘whole room’ feel in virtual reality.

When it comes down to the technical details, the HTC Vive is impressive. Thanks to its base stations, you are able to define a sort of play area for yourself, a limited space in which you move, and thus the feeling of being actually ‘there’, in the virtual reality, is extraordinary.

That being said, the HTC Vive is a bit pricier than some of the other, more affordable options we have here. It being a tethered headset also makes it a bit difficult to take full advantage of the whole-room experience.


Best for: VR Newbies

If you’re new to the world of virtual reality and literally have no idea where to start, here is the solution. The Oculus Go is one of the least expensive VR headsets on the market that still offers an enjoyable experience.

It is lightweight, has built-in audio, and comes with an app store where you can purchase a range of cool, though not too high-performing apps to start you off in the amazing world of virtual reality.

However, Oculus Go does not support those jaw-dropping apps you might have seen on Youtube, so after you familiarize yourself with VR, you might want to invest in something a little more high-tech.


Best for: PlayStation4

If you’re not a PC user, not interested in standalones or mobile-friendly headsets, then there is another option for you: the Sony PlayStation VR! This one can be connected to the PlayStation4 so you can finally test out any of the awesome VR games PlayStation has to offer.

The PS VR works well with a range of motion controllers, including the Aim Controller which is absolutely essential in first-person shooter games. In the moment of writing this blog post, the Sony PlayStation VR offers one of the best, most immersive and most technically-sound VR experiences available.


Best for: Mobile Phones

Samusng Gear VR PRO CON

We will be the first to admit that, when it comes to VR gaming and high-powered alternate universes, the Samsung Gear VR falls far behind its standalone or tethered counterparts. You simply can’t get the same level of immersion in a mobile headset as you can in the other ones.

However, that doesn’t mean the Samsung Gear VR doesn’t have its own uses. In case you are looking for a simple, easy, and inexpensive headset to use for something other than gaming – if you’re in the healthcare, education or tourism business, for example – then this is the perfect option!

If you have an idea for an app you would like to develop on one of these amazing VR devices, GET IN TOUCH, and we can get started ASAP!

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