Case Study

Virtual Reality

Solution in Virtual Reality

PRilika is the leading event for marketing professionals in the Balkans region where the best international PR practices are showcased.  Homepage marketing agency presented ARVRtech Virtual Reality gamification solutions in the marketing domain.

The Homepage wanted to expose the audience to immersive and interactive gamification experience utilizing the latest Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.

The ultimate challenge was the same as for every marketer:

  • To excite and capture the attention of a wide audience
  • To provide memorable experience for different types of visitors (i.e. adrenaline based game, and more calm but still enjoyable game)
  • To enable visitors to take part in the fun competition, and win the prize
  • To utilize the latest technology in user friendly way so that even novice can enjoy it and get a good hold of it

To share the experience via social media, reach even wider number of people and raise awareness of the latest technology that can be used in marketing campaigns

Archery VR game revives the experience for users of not only being on a horse, moving and balancing, but also trying to reach targets with a bow and arrow in their hands. The player can practice and perfect archery skills within three rounds trying to reach the highest score, by getting their arrow as closest to the center of the target they can. Still, because participants are set in VR environment, they experience the game from their own viewpoint.

A competitive spirit is sparked in this game further as the player can choose to play for the prize and compete with others and tracks the current position on the leaderboard. The player with the highest score was announced as the winner and received branded Google cardboard glasses and a USB stick.

When it comes to Ski Jump VR game, it creates a more realistic simulation and provides adrenaline rush as the user experiences the flight through the air and jumps from the higher position.

At the beginning of the game, the player is on the top of the Ski Jumping slope and tilts his or her head carefully and in a timed manner: just before the end of the slope, harnessing the power of wind.

This VR game enables players to get into winter skiing experience with a tilt of their head and within three rounds to achieve their ultimate best score.

In Summary

The user experience in these games is quite straightforward so that even players who are being exposed for the first time to VR technology can play it. Apart from the easy registration part, the players can track their results via scoreboard and they can also share their impressions and achievements via social media through the extra option for AR branded photo (see Figure).

In addition, companies have numerous branding opportunities throughout VR Ski Jump game as their logos and banners can be presented on skiing arena as well as on the flags around and throughout the sky. Another creative opportunity is to show logos on skis, as well as the ski slope itself (even on the snow).

In a similar fashion, VR Archery game can be used for brand promotion. The flags, targets, knighthood gear, and roads can be also additionally branded so that the owner of the game or the brand that ordered its customization can be visible in the hearts, eyes, and minds of the users long after the game is over. 

In summary, VR games, offer new and exciting brand promotion channel, as well as, multiplayer mode and scoreboard system which enables users to receive special rewards, discounts, vouchers or other incentives.

ARVRtech can develop any customized game to suit the particular needs of the client and provide unique user experience while utilizing existing scoreboard and branded AR photo with social media share mechanisms.  

  • LCD Display 22”
  • Laptop
  • Device for AR Photo
  • Samsung VR headset
  • Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8 or equivalent Edge device

The scoreboard system can work both in online mode with the standard Internet connection, as well as in off-line mode with local database and internal WiFi network. During especially intense team buildings LCD screen shows the scoreboard, so that users can compare each other’s results and the winners collect the top prizes.

Apart from engaging the users additionally in the setting that is fueled on socializing and forging business and personal contacts such as events, conferences, and trade shows, these VR games provide branding benefits for the client.