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What was the last time you had an exquisite party? And what was the last time it did not take you ages to organize such an event because it was pretty straightforward to mobilize those who cared to take part?

Thanks to benefits of Virtual and Augmented Reality the parties and even more serious, business-oriented events will get the extra spark of engagement and originality.

However, the challenge still remains how to get buy-in from people and to gather them in the first place.

In 2017, one of top priorities for innovative businesses remains how to stay relevant in the world of fast consumption of information and how to stay abreast of tech trends so as to adopt them and avoid passing fads.

What happens online on social media, sales funnels and points of conversions also happens in the world of conferences, parties and business meetings: on one hand there is the avalanche of information, and on the other hand human beings respond to such a multitude of stimulus with shorter attention span, inaction and paralysis how to choose what is good for them or to choose at all.

Virtual and Augmented Reality as you can see in our previous texts add the human touch in the world of constant noise for so many reasons.

When it comes to Virtual Reality Games such as Ski Jump and SteerVR that our employees tried at the recent New Year party we saw three main advantages of these technologies:

1. The experience was so immersive that some employees tried to win no matter what and came back for good to the next round over and over again.

2. The competitive spirit was even more amplified because of the scoreboard displayed publically and showed in real time thanks to a PC and video beam.

3. Prizes do motivate people to compete around winning which for some of them increases the factor of fun. Yet the prizes should not be labelled as valuable because most of the time they are not. Plus those who test your solutions are pretty smart. That is at least the kind of clients our company wishes for: smart, well-informed, enthusiastic about life and outgoing.

In 2017 you can expect that our creative solutions in VR, AR and IoT will reach another level simply because our team has gained momentum, we are opening to global markets and there is a solid traction thanks to previous beloved games, projects, branding campaigns and apps in what we can do for you and what we cannot.

Happy holidays and let us know what you would like to read more and how Virtual and Augmented Reality can help your business!

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