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AR and VR solutions are evoking intrigue and interest both among consumers and businesses that want to harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies.

In this article we will look at a variety of services that AR and VR companies can deliver, which can solve challenges of brands and end-users. Although AR and VR apps are not mainstream yet, the proliferation of hardware equipment and the readiness of technology for the next frontier seeks for tailor-made services that only specialized AR and VR companies can deliver.


In articles on our blog you had the chance to understand how AR and VR can be applied in tourism, retail, real estate, marketing, and many other verticals.

AR and VR companies are incredibly helpful to their clients as they offer tailor-made VR and AR expertise. This help ranges from the initial conceptualization and inception phase of the Virtual and Augmented Reality strategy to the consultations which technology should be deployed or which head-mounted displays or cell phones are the best tools for solving a particular challenge that the client has.


Rapid technological development has solved some old challenges and certainly created new ones. Innovative companies that care about behavior of their users have found sophisticated ways to measure their engagement, sudden emotional peaks and various interactions with technology.

AR/VR businesses that are serious about their growth and providing maximum value for their clients have the same approach: they constantly improve their solutions (sometimes incrementally, sometimes in a disruptive way) and measure metrics for success of VR/AR content that matter.

Due to its interactive nature, VR shows a new frontier for tracking, incentivizing or even rewarding particular user behaviours with holograms, avatars, eye tracking, security, MRI and EEG machines.

Because users have become immensely well-informed and suspicious of marketing efforts of many companies, we would suggest to potential VR clients to do things differently than the rest of the pack in their industry. Do not use VR to sell more or to interrupt your users more. Use VR content and head mounted displays to listen to your users better and understand their pain points. If you show the advanced level of empathy, not just the advanced technology, and your sales process is designed with the purpose of creating value and closing more, higher profits will come as the natural result.


Teams in VR companies that both have engineering expertise and understand how marketing functions may suggest to their clients which technology is applicable in their particular situation.

For instance, when brands decide to use 360° video they may film it in-house or adapt it on social media with stable frames and shots thanks to the best post-production software the agency may recommend. We witness the huge proliferation of social media platforms and hardware – where VR content actually answers the question on which social media to publish due to its nature of immersive experience that heavily resembles engagement in real life.

There are also companies on the market like ours that have developed VR/AR creation tools; for ARVRtech such creator is MRgenie and its very next version ImmersiveM platform. Our users can create and deploy AR and VR apps themselves on those two cloud-based platforms with drag and drop concept and without programming skills.

For our team of developers like in many AR/VR companies and studios around the world Unity turns out to be a key tool and engine for creating VR projects, whereas a small fraction of projects is made with Unreal Engine or Adobe.

Let’s say you are running a retail brand and you think about the next best ways to create 3D products for a shopping experience with a twist. AR/VR enterprises like ARVRtech may advise you when to scan products by rendered (you used computer graphics, yet you did not take a single photo) or by photogrammetry (when you mapped literally hundreds of separate images into a wire-frame).

ARVRtech has been working actively with AR technology from 2010 developing algorithms, products and custom solutions. Uptake of VR technology coincided with market penetration of new VR Head Mounted displays and controls, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens and many more.

The edge that ARVRtech has compared to other specialized companies that it can offer expertise ranging from algorithm development, end-to-end solutions and implementation on any AR and VR platform.

Hope this read was useful to you and the next time it will be easier for you to choose a AR/VR company that will not only meet your requirements in terms of quality, budget and human resources, but it will give you a better negotiating position. ARVRtech company remains at your disposal and you may always contact us for a free quote regarding your projects.

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