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Google has presented its new hardware, which should fit their software better and they intend to get into the market.

It is incredibly interesting that they would make all their devices in house and that they brand all of their future products as Made by Google. Apparently, they have decided to stop with the previous practice where they allocated particular phone models such as Nexus devices to other companies (Motorola and LG).

Virtual reality professionals and developers would be in particular interested about their VR headset called “Google Daydream View”.

Daydream VR is the first among devices to be published at Google’s VR platform. The sales start in November and it will cost 80$.

At the moment Daydream will work on new Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones, and it is predicted that in the close future it will be compatible with almost all new Android phones which would support the Daydream platform.

Daydream would be immensely lighter than Samsung Gear because it is made of foam and soft fabric and it contains the little plastic panel where the phone is attached. The headset mask that should be put on the face is attached with the hook and loop tape, which is highlighted as an advantage because it makes taking off and washing easier. This feature is very useful for trade shows, conferences and other kinds of public events, even presentations in media when many people should try out the same VR headset on their face. The headset tries to solve basic issues like cleaning and complicated set-up of VR devices.

Unlike Samsung Gear Daydream will not have the dock. Instead it will contain NFC chip in the plastic next inside of which the phone is packed, which will start the Daydream platform on the phone.

The main advantage of the new Google VR headset is that it comes with the control device that is held in the hand and which should be recognized in VR environment so that the persons who carry glasses can see to some extent their hand. Therefore, users have a much bigger freedom in managing their virtual reality environment rather than with Samsung touchpad on their own device.

You can watch in less than 2 hours Google event stream and at 37:00 Clay Bavor, the leader of Google VR team, shares the vision about VR future.

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